Idle Wizard – Tips for Getting XP (Experience)

Tips for Getting Experience

Some general advice!

  • Active Methods: Casting spells, autoclicks, collecting void entities.
  • Passive Methods: More sources, more bonuses from Legacy levels, more bonuses from challenges (bonus exp and level reductions) Mastery attribute milestones.
  • Equipment: Gear that boosts experience or reduces level requirements.

There are 6 items that increase character experience. Boots, Waist, Shoulders, Head, Neck and Wrist. These work differently from pet xp items, as they increase your previously collected XP and you will lose character levels once you unequip them.

But if your only goal is to get to a certain level, equiping these 6 items will help.

You will want multiple spell sets (paired with item sets) for different “phases” of an exile. Things like “buildup”, “void mana”, and “burst” are the most common three that get modified for each class depending on their stats and scalings.

If you haven’t built and set up sets before, here are the hot-keys for quick switching between them: “Z + #” = switch spell set, “P + #” = switch item set, and “Q + #” = switch both simultaneously. This will be the single largest boost to your progress I can suggest. Details on what spells and items to aim for in each phase are in the guides I mentioned

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