The Mildew Children: Chapter 1 – Achievement Guide

Walkthrough on how to get all five achievements in this game.

How to Unlock All Achievements


Seeing off

  • Finish chapter 1

Broken heart

  • When performing the rite in place of your dead sister, don’t touch the controls and just die.


  • When walking to the grave, Littlegrave asks you to recall what she said in your first conversation. The answer is “And when we’re there, remember well – you can’t disturb the seeds, that the abandoned bodies turned into – they must sprout, turn into fresh and fragrant grass.”


  • When first shown the map, go down to find your sister and walk past a blonde girl wearing green standing on a well. Speak to her.

“Where are you going?”

  • At the beginning of the game, after speaking to Littlegrave, keep walking left as far as you can until she tells you that you’re walking the wrong way. Ignore her and keep walking that way 3-4 times to get the achievement.
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