The Planet Crafter – Iridium Ore Guide

Iridium Ore

Explosive Powder, a mid-to-late game Crafting resource, has iridium as one of its components. More crucially, it’s used to manufacture Iridium Rods, which are necessary for Terra-forming higher-tier Heating devices. Iridium is also required for Ore Extractors, a useful Building that automates ore collection.

Once you’ve unlocked the Launch Platform and fired the right rocket, you can harvest more Iridium from asteroids that fall onto the planet. With the correct type of Ore Extractor in the right position, you can receive a limitless supply, eliminating the need to rely on the unpredictability of falling rocks from the sky.

Where to Find Iridium in The Planet Crafter

Here are all the places you can find Iridium in The Planet Crafter that we know of.

Falling Sand Caves

  • Coordinates: 930:39:910
  • Mineable with Ore Extractor? Yes!
  • Description: A large cave system with sand falling from the Cliffs above. Also has Aluminum and an Ice Cave that leads to Sulfur, Osmium, and Super Alloy.

Spike Canyon Ice Cave

  • Coordinates: 256:7:-199
  • Mineable with Ore Extractor? No!
  • Description: An Ice Cave that has some Iridium on the outside of the ice wall. Also has Osmium behind the Ice Wall.

Grand Rift Cave

  • Coordinates: 2026:3:-33
  • Mineable with Ore Extractor? Yes!
  • Description: A small-ish cave with a fair amount of Iridium in it.

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