The Sims 4 – How to Get Friendships and Romance Up Quickly

How do you get the love of your sim fast? Well in this guide the secrets of simmer love will be unfolded before your eyes.

Guide to Get Friendships and Romance Up Quickly

The Photo Path

Did you know taking photos with a sim is a great fast way to get their friendship up? Well all you need is a camera from build mode. After that give it to your sim and have them take selfie with or of the sim of your loving. Its easy but it is a lot of photos.

The Kidnapper Path

As the name suggest you need to lock your sim’s lover in your home and locking the door for everyone but household (or just for certain sims). Then you can flirt to your heart’s content.

The Date Path

Basically go on a date when you have enough romance and head to a lot where it has the romantic trait. (go to lot traits in build mode) and Valhalla! It works for me when getting the lover.

The Invader Path

Does your sim have no job? Good then you’ll love this! A cheap but easy way for your sim to date. This only works if your sim’s lover has a home if not then this route fails. All you need to do Is to go into your lover’s house and stay in it. its probably the worse way but hey it works.

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