The Utility Room – Basic Guide

Okay this guide will be short as there’s not much to the game.

Brief Guide

Here are a few places you are most likely to get stuck:

  • At the Door, drop the sphere into the pedestal to open the entrance.
  • At the Maze, jump on the Head floating underneath to escape to the next chapter.
  • After dodging the Predator shooting left and right, grab the sphere at the end and hold onto it to fly away.

As for the collectable heads which you can only complete in extended (or chapter select) mode:

  1. Worker – This is just off the edge at the start of the Ravine.
  2. Primordial Watcher – this is halfway through The Cathedral. You must get it before its destroyed by the Watcher floating across the walkway.
  3. Slug – Located on the right side of the Maze in the middle.
  4. Watcher – Located behind the scenic rock on your left when the bright white light transition ends.
  5. The Wanderer – You must jump to a separate path located to your left when you get halfway across the chapter and follow it until its end.
  6. The Adjudicator – Located halfway across the chapter.
  7. The Predator – Located in the hub with all the strange spiky things right at the beginning of The Canyon.
  8. Bin Man – Located behind the small shed you appear in during The Chase sequence where Bin Man is towering behind the Brutalist tower blocks.

Good Luck!

Created by KingLumps

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