Starfield – How to Fix (Recover) Disappearing Mannequin or Turret

Many players consistently have issues with chests and mannequins disappearing from their homes, or turrets also disappearing from outposts. Beyond the resources and items lost, one can’t even just rebuild the turrets or mannequins because they still somehow exist somewhere and are still counted in the build limit. Here is a way to recover the lost mannequins and turrets using the console!

Guide to Fix (Recover) Disappearing Mannequin or Turret

Be sure to have an achievement enabler mod!

To recover the mannequin or turret we will need to use console commands. So be sure to install one of the achievement enabler mod in order not to lock yourself out of the achievements (I use Baka Achievement Enabler SFSE)!

And just to be safe, make a hard save before starting the recovery process!

Find the reference ID of the missing object

First step is to find the reference ID of the missing object. Usually the way to do that is to have the item on screen, open the console, and click on the item. Of course this won’t work since the object has disappered! (DOH!) But there are two workarounds:

  1. Load a previous save file where the object has not disappeared yet, find out its reference ID and scribble it down on a piece of paper.
  2. Or alternatively, open the console and type “save funclist 1”. This will create a text file with every refID in the loaded save file. In this file you can search for the refID of the missing object.

Typically, objects such as mannequins and turrets are actually NPCs. And their refID will look something like “FF0320D2” for example.

Move the object back to the player

Now that you found the refID of the missing object, simply teleport it back into existance at your player’s position. This is done by entering two commands:

  1. Type “prid [refID]” with the refID that you wrote down, without the square brackets and without the quotes.
  2. Type “moveto player”.

Voila! Hopefully the missing object has been teleported back to you. And you can now go into build mode to reposition the object at its rightful place!

Cheers! I hope this was helpful!

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