Tiny Dangerous Dungeons – Cheating Speedrunner Achievement

How to gain the Speedrunner achievement without needing to beat the game in 15 minutes.

How to Get the Speedrunner Achievement


If for whatever reason you’re looking to avoid having to actually beat the game within 15 minutes to get the Speedrunner achievement, here’s a very simple method for cheating the time.

Step #1:

Start the game on Time Trial mode and play the game normally up until right before the boss. You can be as slow as you want here and pick up as many life fruit as necessary.

Step #2:

Save at the last statue before the boss. Shown here with a time longer than 15 minutes as proof that your speed doesn’t matter.

Step #3:

Exit to the menu and start a new game on Time Trial mode. This time die as soon as possible and without saving.

Step #4:

You will respawn at the previous save you made, but with the timer reset. You now have 15 minutes to beat the boss for the achievement.

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