He Needs His Medicine – Achievements Walkthrough Guide

Where passion meets achievement, health thrives.

Achievements Walkthrough


In the main menu, click on the phrase Join the community, to meet new people, discuss the games, and stay updated to go to the Euphoric Universe Discord page.

Welcome To The Community

  • Join the Euphoric Universe Discord

Start a new game and there will be three doors in front of your character.

Press E to open doors, interact with objects and collect items.

Each port has specific items needed to create a dosage. There are four items in total and each dosage is made with two. You need six dosages with different combinations to get all the achievements. You get the achievement when you make the dosage, so when you do it, you can exit to the main menu and start a new game.

Apart from the dosage achievements, there is an achievement for flushing a toilet at the end of the first door.

Good Manners

  • Flush the toilet

In the first door, you find the Torn Shoe item.

In the second door, you find the Bleach item.

In the third door, you find the Glue and Old Cheese items.

In front of the three doors, there is a living room with a table where you can make the dosage with your collected items. Interact with it and the collected items will appear. Drag them to the center to create the dosage.

Torn Shoe and Bleach create the red dosage.

Red Dosage

  • Make the Red Dosage

Torn Shoe and Glue create the yellow dosage.

Yellow Dosage

  • Make the Yellow Dosage

Torn Shoe and Old Cheese create the dark red dosage.

Dark Red Dosage

  • Make the Dark Red Dosage

Bleach and Old Cheese create the blue dosage.

Blue Dosage

  • Make the Blue Dosage

Bleach and Glue create the green dosage.

Green Dosage

  • Make the Green Dosage

Glue and Old Cheese create the purple dosage.

Purple Dosage

  • Make the Purple Dosage
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