Touhou Artificial Dream in Arcadia – Moon Palace Teleporter Maze Map

Map of where the teleporters go in the Moon Palace.

Floor #1

The teleporters always take you in a straight line from where you enter them, so it’s not too bad to get through to the end. It looks a little messy drawing lines to where every teleporter goes, so I tried color-coded it. Following the blue lines in numerical order will get you to the stairs, while the yellow lines lead away from it and eventually go back to the exit.

The black lines are just sort of neutral. You can still reach teleporter 2 by following the black lines, it just takes longer.

There are actually a couple of item chests on this floor not on the map but I forget where they are and what they are, sorry!

Floor #2

The density makes it look a little convoluted, but just like before following the blue lines in numerical order will lead to the stairs, and once you’re back down on the northwest corner of floor 1 it’s a straight shot to the boss. Yellow lines go back to the exit and black lines do neither.

For the sake of making it a little easier to read, the teleporters marked with E lead to the the tile directly in front of the stairs to go back down to the exit.

I didn’t think to make a note of the items until I was almost done mapping out the teleporters, but I’m pretty sure the Youkai Grimoire is in one of those two rooms.

The easiest way to get the Moon Rabbit Uniform is to get to the room with the 4-way teleporter in it (teleporter 3), enter it eastwards, then take the black line south.

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