Reverse Collapse: Code Name Bakery – Lige Fight Tips

How to Beat Lige

My strategy for the first healthbar is to move her up 1 tile then firebomb, then use a decoy and Atena’s taunt in the space between the 2 flower patches.

Atena can BARELY survive 2 attacks and the decoy eats the 3rd because it also has taunt and has priority because it has the lowest health. Then move her down 1 tile onto the lower flower patch to finish phase 1. Once you move on to the 2nd phase, it’s a weird thing where everyone regains the AP but DOESN’T tick over to the next turn.

So you can immediately move her left to the flower patch next to her current spot because her passive to burn them doesn’t trigger. Jefuty is always the target of the first charge move so put her on a different flower patch such that Lige has to end on one to attack.

There is a technique (possibly a bug) where if you put 2 deployables (use scanners because they’re useless on this mission) in the path of the charge, she will not attack once she reaches Jefuty. And then it’s just cleaning up.

Remember that shockwave grenades exist!

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