Tribal Hunter – 100% Achievement Guide

Are you tired of looking around online trying to find out how to earn all of the achievements in Tribal Hunter, only to be met with vague descriptions or nothing at all?

Fear not, over the course of my playthrough (plus one fresh save so i could calculate the exact number of coins needed for the Full Wardrobe achievement), I have compiled a list of all of the achievements in the game, and the exact steps on how to complete them!

Tribal Hunter In-Depth Achievement Guide

(All achievements can be completed on Very Easy difficulty)

Birth and Death

The Journey Begins – Why do they call it an oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food

Broken Plush – Do what that black dude with the lightning says (in game of course)

Pop! goes the Munch – Hold the inhale button until the FULL bar gets maxed out

Spooky – Go to the Shadowlands and let a ghost posess you, then do not complete the QTE until you die.

Slime Munch – Have enough slime in you to be able to spit out a slime, then die by any means necessary.


The Great Birdman – Find To-Ri in Forest 9, whether you want to or not.

Tour Guide – There are 14 flight points in total. They can be found as follows:

  1. Village
  2. Forest 4
  3. Crystal Mines 1
  4. Forest 9: Watch Your Step!
  5. Forest 12: Pig Hideout Entrance
  6. Jack’s Resort – Situated in Beach 5: Bombardment, simply press down once you get to the big sign.
  7. Jungle 2: Danger Ahead
  8. Rest Point: Breath of Fresh Air – Situated in Hive 7, go to the path opposite of the left at the top of the map.
  9. Shadowlands 1: Road to the Lost City
  10. Shadowlands 10: Cemetery
  11. Frigid Mountains 4: Edge of the Mountain
  12. Serpent Caverns 3: Serpent’s End
  13. The Great Bridge
  14. World’s View Balcony – Situated in Castle 4: Mass-Catering Assembly, take the path all the way to the left.


Be nice to your Elders – Found in the Forest Clearing right before Forest 12: Pig Hideout Entrance

Lucky Munch – Bet 10 coins and pick the same number every time. The Gambler can be found in Forest 11 in the big enclosed room on the map.

Jackpot! – Save up around 1000 coins, find the Gambler in Forest 11 or in the Village, then bet 100 until you get the correct number.

Mr. Moneybags / Farm Investor / Out of Stock / Full Wardrobe – Upgrade Key’s shop and find all 3 cows, then wait until you get to the True Ending Village (the one with the sunset) and buy all the upgrades for free. As for the outfits, you will need to save up 22500 coins in order to purchase all of the outfits from the Artist, who can be found in Crystal Mines 6.

Lending a Hand – Key can be found by going straight ahead upon arriving at the Mountain Path, just after Forest 4.

Farm Hero – The three cows can be found as follows:

  • Spotted Cow: Forest 8, go up the platforms and go left.
  • Hooded Cow: Caverns 7: Secret Food Storage, go below the platform and go through the wall seperating the room in the middle, and drop down below the platform next to the chest and keep heading down.
  • Sacred Cow: Hive 5: Vertical Storage, either bounce on the Fat Bees or backwards wall jump up the wall to the left until you get the the room at the northwestern side of the map.

Passionate Artists: Artists can be found as follows:

  • Artist 1: Village, found on a floating island near the middle of the map.
  • Artist 2: Caverns 1, found right as you enter the map.
  • Artist 3: Crystal Mines 6, near the end of the map before the checkpoint.
  • Artist 4: Shadowlands 3: Outer Fort, found right as you enter the map.

Passionate Explorers: Reach the Explorer’s Guild Encampment, just past Forest 3.

Munch the Explorer: Talk to the Recruiter at the Explorer’s Guild Encampment and select “EXPLORER’S ATTIRE?”

Throughout the Story

The Strongest Guardian: To get XP fast, go on the True Ending path and get to the end of Ancient Path 2, and repeatedly kill the enemies within the area by going back and forth through the map, entering and exiting to reload the enemies.

Super Cow Fan: Upon reaching certain parts of the story, new episodes of Super Cow will be available on the TV in Village. Once you reach Darkdread’s castle, you should have all 6 episodes. While watching the episodes, repeatedly press space to make the episodes go by faster.


Relaxing Spot – Press the down button near the sign in Beach 5: Bombardment.

Food Gourmet – Be sure to rest and hold the Spell button after every meal to make sure you have enough room to eat.

Mushroom Gourmet – Buy the mushroom tracker from Key’s upgraded shop, then go throughout the levels tracking down all of the mushrooms, upgrading your size as you progress through the story. Bring back all three cows and talk to the farmskeeper to be awarded extra mushrooms. Once you have reached around 1690 max capacity, head to Hive 3: Twisted Corridor and meet Katsu to obtain a leaf key. Use the leaf key in the Suspicious Clearing by going left of the flight point in Forest 12: Pig Hideout Entrance to gain access to the Hidden Foxhole. Once the kids ask you to get big, get to at least Size 5 by inhaling air, then you should be awarded the final mushroom after a cutscene, putting you at 1700 capacity.

Egg Gourmet – To my knowledge, the earliest instances of each required enemy type can be found as follows:

  • Brawler Cow: Forest 4, near the bottom exit
  • Pufferfish: Beach 1: Soft Sands
  • Water Dragon: Beach 2: Bubbles Ahoy
  • Ghost Knight: Shadowlands 3: Outer Fort
  • Honey Dragon: Hive 2: Bouncy Cavern
  • Honey Bear: Hive 1: Entrance
  • Blue Dragon: Frigid Mountains (Small Icy Patch)
  • Red Dragon: Frigid Mountains 6: Icy Pit (not entirely sure, feel free to correct me if im wrong)
  • Dragon Knight: The Great Bridge

Island… Gourmet? – The earliest instances of every grab / vore based enemy can be found as follows:

  • Big Slime – Forest 7: Slime Pit
  • Slime Plant – Forest 4
  • Water Dragon: Beach 2: Bubbles Ahoy
  • Honey Dragon: Hive 2: Bouncy Cavern
  • Bat: Shadowlands 1: Road to the Lost City
  • Catsuit Ghost: Shadowlands 7: Market District
  • Snow Bunny: Frigid Mountains 5: Snow Bunny Den

Size Matters

Heavy Fighter – Collect enough mushrooms until you cannot increase your capacity any further. Meet Kitora in Caverns 9 and do the course, grabbing as many coins as you can until you hit 3000. Then, beat the Slime King and then he will offer to expand you. Don’t forget to clear out your FULL meter by resting and holding the Spell button, then attacking to remove the rest.

Food Fighter – Collect enough mushrooms until you cannot increase your capacity any further. Meet the Food Contest Organizer in Beach Coast: Water’s Edge and head back to the Village. Clear out your stomach and participate in the eating contest. Once you have respawned, talk to the Eating Contest Organizer again and then talk to the Shaman, Granny, and then Key to make the potion needed to perform the contest again.

Master Fighter / Sensei – Collect enough mushrooms until you cannot increase your capacity any further. Head to Frigid Mountain 1: Snowy Clearing and jump up to the northeastern part of the map.


Bacon Brawl – Stay on the platform furthest from Boarus until he passes by, then hit him about 2-3 times before repeating the process. For phase 2, simply walk back and forth beneath him as he bounces, and hit him until he continues bouncing.

Sly Fox / Tricky Fox / Conniving Fox – Inhale to get as big as possible without popping, then jump above him and repeatedly bodyslam him for massive damage, while using the A and D keys to keep yourself on him. Also, be sure to stock up on health drinks for the first fight at Key’s shop in the village, as the fight kinda sucks ngl.

Slime Smasher – Try to keep the Slime King in the air by hitting him with delayed punches so that you don’t perform a finisher and knock him away. If there are a concerning number of slimes in the area, back away from the slime king and use delayed punches to control the crowd of slime enemies. If you get dangerously close to popping, try to run from the slimes as best as you can while spitting out slimes.

Rocky Rumble – Run beneath the platform if he starts firing gems or other projectiles, kill any flying enemies he spawns, and use air attacks to get away from the gem field attack.

Food Cannon Enthusiast – Get as skinny as possible before entering the fight, and fire eggs if you see any enemies approaching during the fight.

Pirate Pummeler / Bloatfish – Be sure to buy health drinks from Key’s shop as Killsha’s attacks can be a bit difficult to dodge. If Killsha hops up on the wooden tower, run all the way to the right and jump to attack her. If a cannonball is about to land right next to you, jump to avoid the blast damage. For the Bloatfish achievement, you will have to keep your distance until she begins inhaling, which you can then shoot an egg into her mouth. You will have to shoot 5 eggs into Killsha’s mouth before she begins inflating.

Dog fighter – Laura can be found in Jungle 7: Entanglement by taking a left after falling down through the 2 platforms near the end of the map. As for the fight, be sure to get as big as possible, and then once she begins sweating in the air after a couple of attacks, air attack her and begin repeatedly bodyslamming her until she either begins attacking again or dies.

Good boy – Upon meeting Lord Darkdread in the Shadowlands (Forsaken Arena), he will get a phonecall from his mother, which he will ask you to wait on him for a moment. Waiting for around a minute will cause him to come back and thank you for your patience, awarding you the achievement.

Hidden strength – Before heading into the Shadowlands, be sure to stock up on healing drinks at Key’s shop for real this time, as this fight can be a bit difficult at first. If you do manage to get knocked down, hit ALT + F4 immediately, and then come back to the game to try the fight again. As for the fight itself, try to stay vigilant and watch for his attacks. If he raises his arms up, be prepared to run away and jump over the blast wave. If he starts walking toward one side of the arena, try to keep part of him in view as once he turns around, be prepared to double jump and air attack to dodge his overhead punch. If he jumps, keep running until his boss marker begins to drift away from the center of the screen, then jump over the blast waves and punch him a few times. As for the inhale attack, just try to stay a fair distance away or retreat after a couple of punches. If you end up being too close when he inhales, try to get hit by him first and then run behind him, as his flame breath attack deals way more damage than his touch damage.

Lord Chubtail – This achievement is best obtained in Darkdread’s castle, as the Shadowlands tend to be a lot harder to maintain fat levels due to the ghosts that can posess and pop you. Once in the fight, be sure to stay a fair distance away from Darkdread to prevent cheap shots, and fire an egg near his mouth once he begins inhaling. Do this about 3 times and his armor will come off, causing him to take 200 damage from bodyslamming his inflated body, as well as being able to generally do more damage to him during the fight.

Ghost Shenanigans – Keeping Fat Furnace unleveled is preferred due to the spell cost, as not much food drops during the fight.

Bully Brawler – Wave can be found in Hive 6: High Rise. To get to him, head over to the left side of the map, then go to the right through the invisible wall and head down until you meet him. Once again, repeated bodyslamming is very effective for this fight, so try to get as big as possible.

Honey Hoarder – Try to hit the honeybees as they come towards you, and shoot out eggs (preferrably at the queen) if you get too full.

The Alpha / The Beta – Upon reaching Frigid Mountain 3: Wolf Territory, head up and right until you get to the Alpha’s Plateau. If Alpha begins to inhale, get behind him and he will not shoot any projectiles. Fat bodyslamming is also effective. To get The Beta achievement, fire an egg into Alpha’s mouth once he begins inhaling. You will have to feed him 5 eggs before he inflates.

Dragon Tamer – If Darkdread closes his mouth, jump to the far left platform to avoid the high-damage fire blast. If he raises his claw up, get to the lower platform on the left to avoid both the claw and the bubbles that may appear. If flames are summoned from the claw attack, head to the high platform on the left and jump over the streams of fire to get back to attacking as quick as possible. For the baby dragons, try to air attack the purple portals before any dragons spawn. If you have the Black Hole ability, feel free to suck up the baby dragons and use the fat gained to spit out egg bombs at a distance, or to heal by resting and holding the Spell button.


Not My Job – Once Darkdread is finished off, simply head to the left and out the door, where the game will automatically end, and you should be placed at Castle 8: The Final Tower upon re-entering the game. It is recommended that you do this first, so that the Destiny? achievement doesn’t trap you in a timeloop (sodasorbet plz fix)

Destiny? – Once Darkdread is finished off, walk to the right and bodyslam the throne until the hidden passageway opens. Fight your way through the Hidden Path areas and once you get to the Seal, inhale the contents until you get the ending.

True Guardian – Do the same steps as the Destiny? achievements, but instead of inhaling the seal, attack the seal until it eventually breaks. Once you are back at the Village, buy up all of the upgrades and items at both the Cow Farm and Key’s Shop, then speak to To-Ri to head to the Ancient Path. The Ancient Path is a very good place to farm XP, so try to get all of the Abilities before proceeding through to the final boss. For the first phase of the final boss, get out of the way if you see a red line, as colliding with the boss will result in an insta-kill. For the second phase, break the electricity orb and inhale the slimes that are produced by it, as it will allow you to deal actual damage to the boss. If you have the Unyielding Spirit ability (which you should by this point), the boss’ attacks will deal no damage to you after taking any damage, allowing you to tank with the health gained from Spirit Aid. For the third phase, try to suck up as much air as possible, as the boss will take away all of your food weight, but not air weight. Once you have gotten up to around Size 3, use punches and finishers with the Sharp Punches and Martial Arts Master abilities to deal lots of damage to the head. Once the boss disappears, find the rock that falls onto the arena and hide behind it, as failure to do so will once again result in an instakill. While hiding, you should keep inhaling to keep your air weight up, so you can keep dealing lots of damage to the boss.


Secret Hideout – Meet Katsu in Hive 3: Twisted Corridor to obtain the leaf key, then head to Forest 12: Pig Hideout Entrance and go the left of the flight point into the Suspicious Clearing. Attack the leaf button and you will gain access to the Hidden Foxhole.

Flight Course Newbie / Flight Course Master: As of patch, you only need 3 courses completed in order to get this achievement. The earliest courses can be found as follows:

  • Kitora’s Staging Grounds – Up one flight of platforms in Mountain Path and to the left
  • Caverns 9 – In a room up the platforms near the Slime Lizard.
  • Crystal Mines 5 – Up the platform, over the gap.

Got your nose! – Head to Jack’s Resort at Beach 5: Bombardment, then talk to both of the plush people until one of them starts conversation by themselves. Follow what they say and throw a punch at Kitami to “boop his nose”, causing him to inflate. Don’t forget to talk to the plush on the left, as he will allow you to get a special ability from Kitami, allowing you to attract coins like a magnet.

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