The Mortuary Assistant – How to Get the Sixth Ending

Want to figure out the sixth ending and figure out more to the lore? Not worry, this guide is meant to help with that.

Guide to Get the Sixth Ending


To recap, Raymond has been not very forthcoming in his knowledge of the demonic. Rebecca has noticed this and is now determined to figure out what exactly Raymond is hiding from her. Through out the game, we have seen various documents pertaining to different ways of exorcism in game. Most of the documents found, have symbols of different names and different designs. But at the time, we knew nothing of these. Raymond has been very stone walled in this. But now with the new content drop, we have a chance to see what some of the darkest secrets Raymond has been keeping from Rebecca.

Please keep in mind, if you have not gotten through endings 1 – 5 spoilers lay ahead!

How to Get the 666th Ending (Sixth Ending)

To start off, we will play through the normal routine as we have.


  • When the loading screen has ended and you can move Rebecca, Grab her keys. then walk out of her Apartment.


  • After you arrive, get out of the car as normal and proceed into the building.
  • Now to get the full experience of this ending you will want to grab the fuse that is inside the bottom right hand drawer of the desk.
  • After you grab the fuse, move over to the door for the bathroom and walk into the room. You will want to go to the fuse box and open it. there you will notice one fuse is missing. Take the fuse you grabbed from the desk and place it in. You will hear a little sound.
  • Now, move into the embalming room and just like one of the endings you will want to go over to the right side cabinets by the window. Open the one that has the key pad. and input the code 1-9-7-0-4-4. Grab the hatch key.
  • Next, walk over to the book shelf that has the Cavity fluid container and open the third drawer with the bundled up newspapers and click on the one to get the large key (Important for this one!).
  • Now, move outside and get to the hatch, use the key to open it and go into the basement (Do not open the door with valerie in it just yet!).


  • Now you will see a T.V which should be turned on. (If it is not, go back and place the fuse in the breaker box). We will come back to this later.
  • Now focus on the desk that has the various marks and symbols, you will want to hover over the hammer on the desk. Left click to pick it up and press E to add it.
  • After this has been done, go immediately to the left where the second door is, Open your inventory using the Tab button and use the hammer on the metal box. This will smash it open (Achievement!).
  • Click on the opened box, you will see a metal U shape bracket and a copper coil. Click on the U shape bracket to unlock the door (Achievement!). Now back out and open the door.

Secret Room Number II

  • Well well well… What is this doth my eye see? Raymond… What have you gotten into???
  • This room has some more documents on the shelves to the right, along with a briefcase. And on the left side, you will find a Holy bible with a weird symbol on the back (A fourth House???). and you will also find a rectangular box. Click to open that and it turns into a Reel-to-Reel audio recorder.
  • For more lore, Click on the recorder and listen to the whole audio playback.. Seems like Raymond has quite the unholy rep with these Demons. After it finishes playing, feel free to read the other documents. After you are done, move back over to the right side.
  • Now you will see a metal plate with what looks like burn marks, and smeared blood? (A new way of testing?) Feel free to read the documents that are on the little bench area. Also take notice of the tools on the peg board above the bench, The one you will need for later is the bolt cutters. Leave them here for now. move to the shelves right next to the bench.
  • Click on the briefcase for it to open, inside will be an old school VHS Tape (Newer generations, Take note here!). Add it to your inventory. Now, before you leave; notice the kind of boarded up section on the back wall (This is part of the new Ending).
  • Finally, you can leave this room. Now if you would like, go over to the TV and click to get zoomed in. Open your inventory and use the VHS tape on it. Watch the ENTIRE video. (This is getting darker and darker). Afterwards, back out from the TV and head over to the first secret door that we have opened for one of the endings.
  • Unlock said door with the large key and go inside, Now walk over to Valerie’s coffin, wait for her to spit out her curse and then click on the sliding door where her head is.
  • Wait for the demon to finish talking, then Valerie will come back to her human voice. She wants to leave but can’t unless she is freed. So now she will ask to be released.
  • Glance over to the lock on her box it will turn into a use icon. Remember the bolt cutters? Go back and get them from the previous room. then come back, use them on the lock and then Valerie will say that it’s too dangerous as the demon is still here.
  • She will beg you to take her Mark with you to burn on the possessed body that you have to find. Make sure you drop the Bolt cutters in this room to come back to later. Then take her Mark. (Or if you want, leave the mark and then come back to pick up after you have embalmed all the bodies and found the demon’s symbols.
  • Follow through with the normal game-play until you get to the part where you place your mark on the body, do not do this! Head back down to grab Valerie’s Mark if you have not done so already. Then go back up to the body.
  • When the time is right and you have made 100% sure that the body you have selected as the Host body. Open your inventory, then place Valerie’s Mark onto it (Nothing will happen but this is normal!). Now take the body to the retort just as you would normally. Burn it.
  • After the whole demon cut scene takes place, you will wake up in the cold storage room with the aftermath of the banishment. You will want to head all the way back down to the basement where Valerie is and now finally, pick up the bolt cutters and then click on the lock with them.
  • After you have done that, you will have started the Cut scene for Ending Six. Sit back and Enjoy the ride!

If at any point you feel like you have missed something, feel free to back through to double check. (Before you do ANY embalming, I find it much much easier to simply go to the basement and then you will not have any time limit before the possession begins At least in my play through it didn’t).

And there you have it! Congrats on finding the Sixth Ending! And hopefully more on the way from the DeadExp team!

Have fun Exorcising!

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