TRIBES 3: Rivals – Lingo Guide

Slang in Game

  • Standoff – When both teams have eachother’s flag in the field.
  • I’m 15 out – It’s important for Cappers to communicate their route timing in order for their Clearers to clear the enemy flagstand in time. You’ll often hear I’m [25/15/5] out meaning they will grab the flag in around that timeframe.
  • HO – Heavy offense
  • HoF – Heavy on flag
  • llama grab – Grabbing the flag without a pre-planned route, moving slow.
  • I’m on re / I’m camping their stand – When a flag capper is setting up for a regrab or llama grab, assuming that the enemy flag might be capped or returned to base before soon
  • E-grab – (Emergency Grab) An E-Grab is any flag grab used to deny the enemy team from capping at the last possible second. E-Grabs are often only useful as a stalling mechanism and should not be expected to be converted into a capture.
  • Static route – When a capper needs to slow down to sync with their offense, they might stop on an adjascent hill to run a static route.
  • Bodyblock (BB) – When a capper is body blocked on their route and lose momentum.
  • Punt – A method of throwing a flag further than it would normally go by dropping the flag and almost immediately shooting it with a spinfusor.
  • Ski boost – The short boost of speed you get when grounded and starting to ski.
  • Scoop – When a flag is in the field and a Capper is able to pick it up on route while moving relvatively quickly.
  • Cowboy – A cowboy grab is when a Capper is going for a risky grab even before the rest of their offense is in position.
  • Crash the stand – Get your ass to the enemy flagstand ASAP (to get the flag off the stand // prevent a cap)
  • I need meet – When your friendly capper is requesting someone to meet them in midfield for a flag pass
  • Focus red // I’m going to red – Red is shorthand for the enemy flag. Focus red means we need more bodies going for the enemy flag.
  • Focus green // I’m going to green – Ditto, but in this case, Green is shorthand for your team’s flag.
  • Route camping – When a defense / midfield player moves to intercept a capper early on in their route, far from the flagstand
  • MA // Midair – When you hit someone mid-air with a skillshot (i.e disk, thumper)
  • Slide – A slide is a static route the starts with a ski-boost, similar to a llama but more planned
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