Two Point Hospital – List of Hospitals in Order of Difficulty Level (from the Base Game till Speedy Recovery DLC)

List of hospitals in order of difficulty level from Base Game till Speedy Recovery.

Hospital List

Base Game

Countryside Region:

  1. Hogsport
  2. Lower Bullocks
  3. Flottering

Cold Region

  1. Mitton University
  2. Tumble
  3. Flemington

Industrial Region

  1. Smogley
  2. Melt Downs
  3. Duckworth–upon–Bilge

Beach Region

  1. Grockle Bay
  2. Sweaty Palms
  3. Blighton

Urban Region

  1. Pelican Wharf
  2. Rotting Hill
  3. Croquembouche

Bigfoot DLC

Snow Region

  1. Underlook Hotel
  2. Swelbard
  3. Roquefort Castle

Pebberley Island DLC

Tropical Region

  1. Pebberley Reef
  2. Overgrowth
  3. Topless Mountain

Close Encounters DLC

Desert Region

  1. Goldpan
  2. Camouflage Falls
  3. Chasm 24

Off The Grid DLC

Eco Region

  1. Wanderoff
  2. Old Newpoint
  3. Windsock

Culture Shock DLC

Cultural Region

  1. Plywood Studios
  2. Mudbury Festival
  3. Fitzpocket Academy

A Stitch In Time DLC

Time Travelling Region

  1. Clockwise–upon–Thyme
  2. Clockwise–before–Thyme
  3. Clockwise–above–Thyme

Speedy Recovery DLC

Emergency Locations

  1. Ailing
  2. Betts Shore
  3. Pointy Pass
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