Chants of Sennaar – How the Spinning Wheels on the Top Level Work

Spinning Wheels Tip

You need to click and drag, just like any other time you’ve interacted with a movable object when examining stuff closely.

Or you can read the guide where all achievements in the Chants of Sennaar game and solving puzzles are described. If you are stuck on any level, this guide will help you for sure!

But there’s an easy method if you’re struggling:

Ignore the black glyphs, as you can’t read them yet. Use only the glyphs you know (the white ones). Start with one that’s already fixed (i.e. the ones closest to the center), then find a matching white glyph on one of the outer circles, and align it: you have a first correct circle.

Then use the white glyphs in this first circle to find a white glyph in another circle that you can match with it. You now have two correct circles.

Use this second circle to align the third in the same way, and you’re done.

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