Ultimate Custom Night – Easy Way to Get 8000 Points (FNAF 4 Office)

Easy Guide Get 8000 Points

Hey new players!

If any of you are struggling to get 8000 points in Ultimate Custom Night, not to fear! A skilled player is here! (Even though I never beaten 50/20 mode). All you need to do is learn this strategy, and getting 8000 points will be easy!

Roster: Disable the look-at and heat/noise sensitive animatronics so you won’t have to worry about them. For the plush animatronics, if you keep the camera on the right hall for the entire run, they will NOT kill you. That’s called Cam-stalling. It works on Rockstar Chica too. ALWAYS use the DD repel because if DD shows in your office, you might as well restart. If that sounds stupid, that’s because it is.

Safety: ALWAYS use the power generator. It is your friend in this run. When the warning signs appear, press 3 to turn on the heater to repel the Mediocre Melodies. Then switch back to the power generator. Close both the left door and the top vent so Freddy, Withered Chica, and Mangle can’t get in. Flip the monitor by pressing S, reset the ventilation, and then flip down the monitor and IMMEDIATELY put the mask down in case of Golden Freddy.

Ques: You must ALWAYS keep an eye out for ques. These include flashing lights (Toy Chica and Toy Bonnie, Withered Bonnie, and Afton), vents (Springtrap’s face, Molten Freddy’s laughter, and Ennard’s squeak), and Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare’s laughter.

Mouse: Never ever ever ever leave your mouse cursor on the right side. Nightmare BB will sometimes be slouched over when Phantom Freddy appears. You always want to leave your cursor to the left at all times. If you flash Nightmare BB when he’s slouched, your run WILL end with his jumpscare.

Start: When you start your run, turn off the fan with the space bar and press 1 to power on the power generator (No pun intended), flip the monitor, go to the ducts and click the left side to place the audio lure, switch to the vents and activate the right vent snare, switch to the cameras before bringing down your monitor, and use the mask.

And that should be it. Good luck with the 8000 points mode, and get that FNAF 4 office, rookies!

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