Ultra Street Fighter IV – Ryu Xbox Controller Guide

Ryu Guide for Xbox Controller players.

How to Play Ryu with Xbox Controller

Basic Controls

  • Left Stick/D-pad: Move your character left or right, crouch, or jump.
  • A Button: Light Kick
  • X Button: Medium Punch
  • Y Button: Heavy Punch
  • B Button: Medium Kick
  • LB Button: Light Punch
  • LT Button: Heavy Kick
  • RB Button: Medium Punch
  • RT Button: Heavy Punch

Ryu’s Special Moves

Hadoken (Fireball): Quarter-circle forward motion (↓, ↘, →) + any punch button. Ryu shoots a fireball at the opponent. The strength of the punch button determines the speed and distance of the fireball.

Shoryuken (Dragon Punch): Forward, down, down-forward motion (→, ↓, ↘) + any punch button. Ryu performs a rising uppercut attack. The strength of the punch button determines the damage and invincibility frames of the Shoryuken.

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku (Hurricane Kick): Quarter-circle backward motion (↓, ↙, ←) + any kick button. Ryu spins forward with a series of kicks. The strength of the kick button determines the speed and distance of the Hurricane Kick.

Focus Attack (Saving Attack): Press and hold medium punch + medium kick simultaneously. Ryu charges up a focus attack that can absorb one hit from the opponent and then release it for a powerful strike by releasing the buttons.

EX Moves: Perform any special move with two punch or two kick buttons simultaneously to execute an EX version of the move, which often has additional properties or increased damage.

Tips for Playing Ryu

Control Space with Hadoken: Hadoken is Ryu’s signature projectile attack. Use it to control space and keep your opponent at bay. Vary the timing and speed of your fireballs to keep your opponent guessing.

Anti-air with Shoryuken: Shoryuken is Ryu’s primary anti-air attack. Use it to punish opponents who jump in on you. The heavy punch version has the most invincibility frames and is the best for anti-airing.

Pressure with Tatsumaki Senpukyaku: Hurricane Kick can be used to apply pressure on your opponent up close. Use it in block strings or as a combo ender to keep up the pressure.

Utilize Focus Attack: Ryu’s Focus Attack can absorb one hit from the opponent and then release it for a powerful counterattack. Use it to punish predictable attacks and build meter.

EX Moves for Extra Damage: Don’t forget to use EX moves when you have meter stocked. They can be useful for extending combos, dealing extra damage, or creating pressure situations.

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