Visage – Room 302 (Dance, Dance Achievement)


Note: Credit goes to amo

Going through the game, I came across an unpleasant error: the key to the safe to open room 302 did not appear.

I have been looking for a solution for a very long time, but no one has given an exact answer.

What is clear is that this error appears quite often. So I decided to share my experience.

The Main (Part 1)

I went through the chapters Lucy, Dolores, Rakan (in this sequence, if it’s important), after completing the chapter Rakan went up to the second floor to the bathroom, where we had previously picked up Lucy’s jaw, but the key was not there.

I logged back into the game, downloaded the latest saves (auto-save immediately after the end of the chapter and manual saving, which I did shortly after auto-save), picked up cassettes after the chapter, then tried not to pick up, but the key never appeared.

The Main (Part 2)

And here’s how I solved this problem: I uploaded an autosave, where in the Rakan ward we have to move the white cabinet to go down to the final cut scene (progress in saves was displayed 74%).

Then I followed the plot and as soon as I returned to the house, I immediately went to the bathroom on the second floor, and the key was in place!

After that, I got the achievement without any problems. I do not know if it is important that I did not pick up the tape that is lying on the floor after the end of the chapter, but I did not pick it up. Check, alas, will not work, because there are no saves left.


It is worth saying that during the passage of the game, I periodically checked with guides, but I do not know what could have influenced the appearance of this bug. I hope I helped someone fix this error.

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