Starfield – Ultimate Tracker (100% Checklist Spreadsheet)

A comprehensive spreadsheet for tracking all companions, evidence, houses, powers, missions, research projects, ships, skills, skill magazines, snow globes, surveys, unique items, and traits.


Designed to suit numerous playstyles, this spreadsheet will ensure that you don’t miss anything there is to experience (unless of course you want to).

Spoilers are hidden within their own columns and notes. Descriptions are formatted in a way that increases readability while also giving you control over how much you have to discover yourself.

Track the Following:

  • Companions (+ recruitable specialists) [39]
  • Evidence [20]
  • Houses [7]
  • Powers (every level) [240]
  • Missions (main, faction and misc) [184]
  • Research Projects [75]
  • Ships [301]
  • Skills (every rank) [328]
  • Skill Magazines [105]
  • Snow Globes [14]
  • Surveys (all planets/moons) [1692]
  • Unique Items [127]
  • Traits [17]

Additional Features:

  • Missables Tool
  • New Game +

The ‘Missables Tool’ allows you to select your current mission and view any missables found throughout.

The ‘New Game +’ feature mimics the mechanics of Starfield’s new game + mode so that you can continue tracking immediately across playthroughs.


  • Use the links provided on each worksheet to navigate the spreadsheet if preferred (a read through of the ‘How to use’ sheet is advised). It has been designed to be used this way.
  • Use the spreadsheet in ‘Full Screen’ mode for a better viewing experience (Go to: View > Full Screen)
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