Void Crew – Basic Tips and Tricks

This is just a list of basic things I wish I knew when I first started.

Tips and Tricks for Basics

First off. When joining a multiplayer match, spec your class. If the ship has 1 or 2 players already then pick Engineer. If it has 3 then pick Gunner. Just to be safe, most people pick Engi so its good to make sure you have a gunner in a full lobby.

You can reduce or avoid damage from warping by walking to the front of the ship in a long open area just as you hit warp.

When exploring ruins etc. always check up incase theres an up tunnel to more loot, check inside the shipping containers too.

You can micromanage power over the limit, just reset all the breakers as soon as they pop and you’re safe.

Hold right mouse button to throw stuff, dont lug items around one by one, throw them!

If you have an upgrade kit, use it on ship default turrets or generators first as you cannot swap them with better ones, unless theres a specific build youre going for and dont need to upgrade those.

Dont turn on the O2 unless youre in an environmental warning like heat/cold and taking damage, if you have guns that have a cooldown or heat bar then empty atmosphere from an airlock till you rate -80 degrees C.

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