Escape Simulator – Guide to Build-A-Room / Collab Room Tokens

Locations for hidden tokens in community rooms.

Hidden Token Locations

Immortal Canvas (Build-A-Room #3 Winner)

  1. Select Croatia on the plant machine and grow a ‘plant’.
  2. Type ‘Escape Sim’ on the typewriter.

The Collab Museum

  1. Main Hall: On the side of the central platform, in the History corner.
  2. Science: On the bottom of the monster truck above the water tank.
  3. Science: Between the benches.
  4. Science: On the base of the helix statue.
  5. Science: Underneath the back of the periscope test.
  6. History: On the underside of the large skeleton, near the front end.
  7. History: On the back of one of the ‘timeline’ portraits.
  8. History: On the right most mural, behind the horse statue.
  9. History: Underneath the bench facing the skulls.
  10. Gallery: In the panel with a square in the red hexes.
  11. Gallery: On the back of the kite.
  12. Gallery: Between the benches nearest the door.
  13. Gallery: On the underside of the black box.
  14. Atrium: On the back of the chain-pull in the elevator.
  15. Atrium: On the top part of the rotating credits board.
  16. Atrium: On the back of the security panel to the VIP lounge nearest the gift shop.

Green Ribbons (Build-A-Room #5 Winner)

  1. In bottom drawer nearest the bear statue.
  2. Underneath side table by the square chair.
  3. In between two shelf slats above the long planter.
  4. Tucked behind kitchen bin.
  5. Underneath the stairs.
  6. Behind box containing the red fire powder.
  7. Inside the left most stocking.
  8. In the crevice on the right side of the fireplace.
  9. On the bulb of the lamp by the fireplace.
  10. On the base of the Christmas tree.
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