Walking Zombie 2 – Complete Guide to Thor’s Hammer

I am making this guide so you don’t have to go through the discussion about it to find the answer.

It is a guide on how to get Thor’s hammer in the random encounter because i’m sure you are seeking out this guide after getting frustrated by not knowing how to pick it up.

The Situation

So when you get into northtown, you may get this random encounter while traveling. You have 0% chance of avoiding it, and going into it you will find 4 zombies (2 radiation zombies and 2 scientist zombies) around thor’s hammer sticking out of the ground. When you try to grab it, it will damage and stun you and you can’t pick it up, which is confusing, and there are no items around or any logical way or thing to do to be able to pick it up, other than to try over and over again.

If that last one is what you thought was the case, you are right!

Why Can’t I Pick It Up?

Thanks to someone in the community by the name of “liberty man” who looked at the code for the game, he found the part of the code about thor’s hammer and the translation of the code goes like this:

When you press the button to pick up the hammer, a number between 0 and 1000 is randomly generated, and if that number just happens to be 666, you will successfully pick up the hammer and an animation will even play. If it’s any other number, you get damage and stun.

So you can see how frustrating it might be and many people really just give up at one point.

But think about it! If you give up, you are not worthy.

So the next section of this guide will make your life much easier.

How To Become Lightning Proof

Now you might think in that case that you need to carry tons of healing items everywhere you go in northtown and waste all of them, along with a lot of waste of time to maybe get the hammer. Well yes it will take time and patience, but there’s actually a way to not get damage and stun from failing.

The idea is that in terms of game design, there is a “damage area” around the hammer the player has to be standing in to get the damage when the lightning strikes, similar to an explosion trap’s blast radius.

By standing with your back turned to the yellow tent, and standing as far as you can from the hammer while the “use” text still shows, you have to press the button and at the same time start backing up (while sprinting) to evade damage. The range of the damage area extends to about where the bed and shelf are in the yellow tent (as in the picture below).

Also don’t go immediately back out to the hammer after lightning strikes! you’ll still get damage. you have to wait where you are about 2 seconds after the black text of “you are not worthy. try again” (or in other terms, until the animation where smoke rises from the hammer after the lightning strike) to go back and try again.

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  1. I was confused by Thor’s Hammer when it appeared, so I paused the game to look at this guide for some advice (without clowing the app, it was still running in the background). When I went back to the game reloaded and put me back in Northtown. Will I be able to encounter this again?

  2. Are you a moron? If you sell it, you won’t getting it again, just like the Meat item from Chef Jim Woodlands random encounter. Usually, after you lift it successfully, Thor will spawn at the city of Northtown. There, you need to pay him 10k silver coins to turn the Thor’s hammer into True Thor’s Hammer, it will gain a massive damage boost and can 1 shot anything except for strong zombies, like firefighter, puker pro, etc. Also if you have speech 100 you can get a 50% discount and pay Thor for only 5k silver coin

  3. If you play this game to the end and watch everything carefully, you may know that you have met yourself in one mission. Thor’s hammer can create interdimensional portals. So I think it will be implemented in some special task in the next update. Because the story missions are complete.

  4. Hi what can you do with Thor’s hammer after picking it up ?I got it a few minutes ago and when I went to the trader it could only be sold for 8k is there another purpose for it or should I just sell it?

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