War Robots – How to Counter Sirens and Harpies

A guide on how to counter sirens and harpies, which are possibly the most popular robots at the moment.

Guide to Counter Sirens and Harpies

What Makes Them So Dangerous?

Both Siren and Harpy robots have a special ability that lets them activate a reflector shield, briefly fly, and shoot a missile that creates a 120 m zone that will inflict freeze or blast-charge on robots within it. The Harpy has decent firepower, but the siren had a higher amount of firepower, in exchange for less durability.


Tip 1

Stay away from other allies. The farther you are from a targeted ally, the more time you have to get away before effects accumulate. Also, the Harpy’s firestorm can set off a chain-reaction of blast-charges, causing closely grouped enemies to get hit by blast-charges multiple times.

Tip 2

Both robots activate reflector shields while in flight. The Harpy’s shield blocks less damage but reflects more while the Siren’s shield blocks more damage and reflects less. Either way, shooting at these robots with normal weapons is not a good idea. Corrosive weapons are a good choice because DOT ignores reflector shields. Blast-Charge weapons also work well, since the effect cannot be reflected either. Finally, robots like Typhon and Erebus can use their abilities on Sirens and Harpies without taking much damage.

Tip 3

One of the best robots for countering a Siren or Harpy with blast-charge or seeking machine gun builds is a Revenant. Its ability protects it from freeze/ blast-charge effects and specialized close-range weapons can out perform seeking machine guns at close range. Alternatively, Cerberus, Typhon and Erebus can also counter sirens and harpies. A Kang Dae/ Arbalest build on a Natasha is a cheap but effective build to use if a siren or harpy falls down after its ability is over. The build also allows you to stay out of range of the siren or harpy’s attacks.

Ending Notes

While Sirens and Harpies have powerful abilities and good firepower, it is important to keep in mind that they are glass cannon, especially the Siren. With a good setup, you can easily take them on.

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