Warcraft Rumble – Game Crashes After Blizzard Logo

How to Fix

The nature of mobile devices might make troubleshooting them quite restricted. I can suggest a few simple things, but considering the current state of the game, it might have to be considered a problem that has to be looked at.

Try the Following Options:

  • Powering down the device and then starting it back up can often solve these types of issues.
  • For Android devices you can go into the app storage settings (swipe down from the top, press the gear symbol) and clear the cache and data cache for the app. This can remove corrupt user data or client settings and should return the app to default setup.
  • If that doesn’t work, let’s go ahead and uninstall, then reinstall the game application. I recommend restarting the phone after uninstalling.

Now this is not a step we recommend lightly but if you are comfortable with the process you can try doing a complete factory reset of the device and then load only core apps and the client. This means setting the device up as new and not syncing previous cloud settings.

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