Chloe’s Requiem: Encore – Full Walkthrough

First Floor

Note: Credit goes to DoYouWantACookie

Outside your house

The game starts with you outside your house. Just go down.

Outside the mansion

Go inside the mansion.

1st Floor

There’s a table to the left, pick up the Candlestand. Go outside, talk to the fire to the light it up and then go back in.

Burn the webs plaguing the stairs to go to the 2nd floor.

Talk to Cloe. Say “Okay.” She gives you the key to the bottom-left room in the 1st Floor West Guest Room, so go there.

1st Floor: West Guest Room

In this room, go to upper-left corner to the bookshelves and you’ll find a Paintbrush. To the right of it, you’ll find a small hole, put your hand in it to obtain the 1st Floor East Guest Room Key.

Additionally, you can go in front of the mirror (though this costs one heart) for a very small event.

After that, go to the bottom-right room and open the door.

1st Floor: East Guest Room

As soon as you enter, you’ll find a shiny object, pick it up and you’ll get Scissors.

Talk to the doll in the upper-middle part of the room who wants eyes. If you “give” her eyes without actually having any equipped, you’ll faint and lose a few hearts.

There’s two ways to go about this, and make sure to equip Scissors. You can go to Cloe for her eyes (I haven’t tried this, but it sounds like a bad idea) or go to the West Guest Room and take the doll’s eyes. Exiting the room of the doll while you have her eyes will result in you losing two hearts.

She’ll give you the first music sheet. So now go back to the 2nd floor, equip the sheet and play the piano.

After playing, there will be a shiny object on the table to the right of the piano which leads to the 1st Floor Library Room, located in the upper-left room of the 1st floor.

1st Floor: Library Room

There are various information scattered in the library (I’m not sure if they are needed for anything, it’s just some background information) and a shiny object on the table. Pick this up and you’ll obtain a Quill and Ink.

Go outside, near the upper-right room and equip the Paintbrush and the Quill and Ink. Move the wooden chair to the left of the table to the left side of the painting. Talk to the painting to paint it and now you’ll have access to the room to the right once you talk to the sculpture blocking it.

1st Floor: Gallery Room

There’s a note with a hint on it on the table. When you pick up the Violin, make a run for it! You’ll lose one heart after the event.

Now go back up and talk to Cloe while equipping the first music sheet and the Violin.

While the events unfold you’ll play as Cloe for one scene. Go to the 2nd floor for the scene.

After this event, the 1st Floor is now cleared!

Second Floor

2nd Floor

Now onto the 2nd Floor! First, pick up the item in the hallway for the 2nd Floor South Servant Key.

Go to the bottom-right room and open it.

2nd Floor: South Servant Room

Read the note to proceed, and you’ll lose two hearts. Read the note again, and you’ll be given a memo about the maids:

  • A is quite tall, so she stands out a lot.
  • B is still 16 years old. The youngest of all maids.
  • C is the long-time veteran. For anything, ask her.
  • D is timid–and cowers. Don’t scold her too much.
  • E, Asian, black hair and eyes. Easiest to remember.

Move one step and you’ll notice a stuffed bear fall. Equip the Scissors and talk to the stuffed bear, you’ll obtain the 2nd Floor Mother’s Room key.

Go out and into the bottom-left room.

2nd Floor: Mother’s Room

Go to the upper-left part of the room and read the diary there. Two stuffed bears will spawn, one representing the Veteran and one representing the Youngest.

Talk to the painting and the room will change.

There’s a book near the entrance of the room. Talk to it. Then talk to it once more, equipping the Quill and Ink (you have to talk to it twice, even if you do have the Quill and Ink equipped). The answer is A. You’ll get a key to Cloe’s Room.

Before you leave the room, there’s a shiny object in a drawer above the table, you’ll obtain a Dirty Doll
Go out and into the upper-left room.

2nd Floor: Cloe’s Room

The room is dark, so go to the upper-middle part of the room to the fireplace. Pick up the purple stuffed bear and the left soldier doll. Equip them both and throw them in. Light it up using the Candlestand.

Once lit up, talk to the fireplace. A small event will take place.

Go to the table below and pick up the map-looking object. Then go back to the fireplace. A small event will occur and you’ll play as Cloe once more. Try to go outside, and another event will occur. Go back to the fireplace and talk to it. After that, talk to the water bucket near it to sleep.

You’ll go back as playing Michel. Talk to the fireplace to obtain a little key, which is for the toy box in the room. Inside it is a small drum. Equip it and talk to the remaining toy soldier to give it to him.

Move to the left and you’ll notice a music sheet appear. Pick up the second music sheet.

You may pick up the doll on the floor, this is another one of those Dirty Dolls.

Place dolls on the sofa and get the small bell FOR THE TRUE ENDING

Equip a bell on a Noir, now he can heal a HP.

Talk to Cloe, then go to the 3rd Floor. In the middle of the stage, you’ll find a key to the 2nd Floor North Servant Room key.

Talk to the piano and a small event will occur.

After that, go to the upper-right room of the 2nd floor.

2nd Floor: North Servant Room

Once you enter, a small event will occur. Look at the note on the table below then go to the room below.

Equipping the Candlestand, burn the stuffed bear.

Go back to the note in the north servant room.

Take out everyone but B and E. After that, you’ll obtain two piano keys.

Then try to go out, a small event will occur. Talk to the picture that appeared on the table. Then talk to it again equipping the Scissors, and a cut-out picture will fall on the floor to the left of you. Pick it up.

The lock will open and you can now go back to Cloe for the piano keys.

Equip the piano keys and install them. After that, equip the Violin and the second music sheet. Talk to Cloe for a small event.

You’ll be back to playing Cloe again, so after the event, talk to the dolls. After that, talk to the fireplace and the stuffed bear.

With that event done, the 2nd Floor is now cleared!

Third Floor

3rd Floor

Go back to the 2nd Floor and pick up the shiny object on the floor to get the 3rd Floor Backstage Room key.

Go to the room to the right in the 3rd Floor and go inside.

3rd Floor: Backstage Room

Read the note on the table. You’ll obtain a Rough Sketch.

Pick the Hammer up on the other side. You can go outside and talk to the chairs for some hints on who is the culprit of the case. Here’s a summarized form of what they said:

  • Oboe and Clarinet: Talking about seeing the culprit
  • Someone: Culprit left of Cello
  • Beautiful: Probably not the Violins at all
  • Blackened: Xylophone and Metallophone seem to be an “item”
  • Twisted: Not next to the victim
  • Little: Smaller than the Cello

After doing that, go back to the room, equip the Hammer, and destroy the Flute to get a key to the 3rd Floor Father’s Room.

Go out and go to the room to the left.

3rd Floor: Father’s Room

Go to the left side of the room to pick up the drawing paper found on the bookshelves.

Go outside and talk to Cloe equipping the Drawing Paper and the Cut-Out Picture.
She’ll give you a protective charm after.

Go back to the room, and read the book found in the north part of the room. After reading all of it, go out. DO NOT talk to Cloe. You’ll be met with a Game Over if you do.

Go to Cloe’s room in the 2nd Floor, and go to the bookshelves found in the north-west part of the room. There’s a shiny object there. Read it.

Once you go out, you’ll go straight to the Father’s Room. Go to the book and read it again. After reading it, go to the back of the Piano to obtain a Tool.

Equip the Tool and Scissors and go to the final door of the 3rd Floor. You can talk to Cloe who doesn’t seem to be moving, but actually just turns out to be a random conversation (you’ll see what I mean).

Talk to the door twice to open it.

3rd Floor: Kitchen Room

In this room, don’t talk with the cat. You’ll just end up losing a heart.

Go talk to the blue spirit in the middle of the room and accept the invitation. A note will appear on the table. Equip the Quill and Ink, then talk to it (or you can talk to it, equip the Quill and Ink, then talk to it again).

If you go out without rewriting the menu, you’ll partake in the most wonderful meal ever. And by that I mean you’ll lose a few hearts. Then you’ll go back to the Kitchen and do the event again. You can rewrite the menu at this point. It’s not possible to lose all your hearts doing the wonderful meal event though.

Rewrite the course to the one written in one of the notes found on the bookshelf. For reference, this is what it says:

Full Course Meal:

  1. Startres
  2. Soup
  3. Fish dishes
  4. Frozen Dessert
  5. Meat dishes
  6. Cheese
  7. Dessert
  8. Coffee, black tea

After rewriting the menu, go out. Go to the bottom-middle seat in the 3rd Floor Stage Hall thing, and enter from the left (I always entered from the left, as that’s what it says in the memo).

This is what to do on the table:


  1. (Napkin) Wait
  2. (Napkin) Spread the Napkin
  3. (Fish) Take the bones with Knife
  4. (Napkin) Fold it
  5. (Napkin) Don’t fold it
  6. (Napkin) Leave it at the left

You’ll obtain the third music sheet after the event. Equipping the music sheet and the Violin, talk to the Cloe.

You’ll be in a flashback when you play for Cloe.

3rd Floor: Flashback

It’s not really a room, but it happens in the 3rd Floor chapter. It’s also long enough to warrant a section. There’s not much to do in this part, except watch the events unfold.

After the event, go to the left-most room. An event will occur.

After that, go back to your room and sleep.

Go then to the upper-left room and yet another event occurs.

Go to your room after.

Being awoken by the footsteps, go out, talk to the maid in the hallway and go to the piano room.

Go to the bottom room and talk to the fireplace.

After that event, you’ll be back to the piano room. Go to your room.

Go out of the room and talk to the maid. You’ll be back in your room again after.

Go to your Father’s Room and speak with him. Go out and experience the events!

With that, the 3rd Floor is now cleared!

Basement & Endings

Basement Floor

After playing the Violin, go to the shiny object to obtain the 2nd Floor Passageway key. This is the final room in the mansion to go to.

Basement Floor: Passageway

Keep proceeding down the stairs. If you talk to the mirror there, you’ll see a small event and lose one heart.

Go to the first room you find in the right part of the room. Go inside.

Basement Floor: West Storage Room

There’s a shiny object on the floor. Pick it up and you’ll obtain the East Storage Room key.

After that, go talk to the ringing phone. It asks if you have a pen ready, so equip the Quill and Ink. You don’t actually have to take this down somewhere, as you’ll get a note after, but for reference:

Do you have a pen ready?

  • 6321172

After this, go out and to the room to the right.

Basement Floor: East Storage Room

Talk to the piano and play the sequence listed in the paper you just received in the West Storage Room. There’s a hint to the right of the piano that says “Do is 1”

This is the sequence that you have to do:

  • 6 3 2 1 1 7 2
  • La Mi Re Do Do Ti Re
  • ↓ D S A A → S

When you enter it correctly, the piano will play for a short while and talk to you. It will ask whether you liked it or not (I’ve only chosen “liked it”).

Talk to the piano and ask to be let out. It will ask you a series of questions. The first answer can be found by listening to each note when you play the piano. The second is in a book on the shelves. And the third, is the one that does not sound like the others (easy enough if you know what the others sound like).

Piano Questions!

  1. Fa
  2. Time Signature
  3. Xylophone

After that, the piano will ask you questions about a music score. These are the answers. They’re relatively easy to get.

There is a sheet somewhere…

  1. Inside this room
  2. Outside the bookshelves
  3. Bigger
  4. The whole room is the score

After answering, you’ll obtain the South Storage Key. Which is the final door of this trio. Go out and open it.

Basement Floor: South Storage Room

In this room, you’ll find Cloe to the side. As you get closer to the bottom part of the room, you’ll encounter a few dialogues.

After that, talk to the one blocking the bottom door, then make a dash for the north door!

You’ll be sent to a flashback, go to your Father’s Room and then outside.

After the flashback, you can go to through door and to the South Passageway. Keep going and you’ll end up in the Courtyard.

Basement Floor: Courtyard

This is technically the 1st Floor, but it’s part of the Basement Floor chapter.

In here, pick up the fourth music sheet to the right of the save point. Equip it with the Violin and play it for Cloe.

With this, the Basement Floor is finally cleared!

Hidden Passage

This is the final part of the game. Not much left to do!

After playing the piece, go to the bottom-left tree and go behind it to find a set of stairs.

Go to the skull. The skull says stuff that it wants.

I want this:

  1. Rough sketch
  2. Numbers memo
  3. Maids memo
  4. Present your hand / Don’t present your hand

Talk to the piano and make a dash for the door for some rest (you can also do it immediately if you want, but make sure to equip the Hammer). After that, go back in, equipping the Hammer. Go to the piano while avoiding the curse (if you get hit it decreases your hearts). Hit it 3 times to destroy it.

You’ll get a small key right after.

Final room and cutscene.

Choose something, don’t forget to equip your Silver Knife if you want. If you don’t equip it, you’ll get Bad 1 by default.


  • Normal: Swing it down!
  • Bad 1: Don’t swing it down, embrace her
  • Bad 2: Don’t swing it down, push her
  • True: Don’t swing it down, embrace her (if the bell still on a Noir)

Ghost End:

You need to give Noir and Blanc their respective bells, before you can give Blanc his bell you need to clean it by going back to Chloe’s room.

Afterwards interact with both of the cats once both of them are in the basement and then it brings back Chloe’s spirit, then just proceed as usual but get killed by father.

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