We Love Katamari REROLL+ Royal Reverie – How to Find the King and the Queen

Guide to Find the King and the Queen

  • Shikao: You’ll find this Cousin near the TVs in the central square where you start. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • Lucha: After unlocking the 3M barrier, head to the hills. Look for a Sumo ring stacked on top of five stages. Lucha’s chilling on the last one, perched atop a pair of Sumo fighters.
  • Nutsuo: This sneaky Cousin is riding on Nessy’s back in the lake near the town. Wait until after the 12M barrier, then hit the road and travel a bit to find him.
  • Drobby: Once you’ve crossed the 30M barrier, head to the desert island. You’ll spot Drobby drilling into the oasis there.

Once you’ve nabbed all these Cousins, it’s time to load up either the Largest as Possible stage or, better yet, the Eternal mode. That’s where the collectibles make their grand appearance, popping up at around 1000-1500M.

Now, here’s the real challenge: catching the King and Queen. The Queen will only appear after you’ve snagged the King once. Both can be found around 3000M, but watch out – they’re a slippery pair. If you take too long, they’ll make a run for it, and you’ll have to restart for another shot.

When the King spawns, he’ll be soaring around, shooting rainbow beams to push you away. Keep your distance and wait for your chance to pounce. Sometimes he’ll switch to walking, but don’t let your guard down – he’ll be back in the air before you know it.




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