Werewolf Pinball – Infinite? A Method to Maxing Points

A Infinite? Way to get points as long as you don’t suck.

The Method

You can infinitely activate the multi-ball by completing hunting x2 through one simple method.

Aim to get the ball held in the left bumper (strats to do this later in guide), once it is in the left bumper you can hold it till it stops then while on Cam 1 wait till it rolls to the centre of the x4 moon phase and hit, with some practice you can get very consistent shots into the hunting area for that sweet 750k points and multi-balls.

How to Get to That Position Consistently on a Missed Hunting Shot

When on the right bumper its quite easy to simply use the overpath which deposits behind the left bumper and while holding the left bumper up is almost impossible to roll past. Missing the overpath also has a high chance to just end up in the left bumper anyway

If you miss the overpath although less predictable the underway has a pretty high chance to end up in the left bumper anyway if held up, of course be ready to stop any runaways when using this path.

Going into the fangs and claws hut deposits behind the right bumper similar to the overpath dropping at the left in that it cant overshoot the bumper if held up making it very easy to get a shot onto the overpath.

Point Maxing in This Method

While the multi-ball is active you have 3 objectives:

Increase moon phase multiplier by hitting the moon phase bumpers at the top of the machine. you need to bump these 20 times to get each x2 implement. Once you are already at the x10 moon phase these bumpers only give points, which can be decent if you get a lucky bounce but more often its better to just target the underpath for Screaming progress

using the underpath to farm Screaming and beast roams spinner, screaming nets 1mil points every 9 times using the underpath while the beast roams spinner will be multiplied by your moon phase multiplier netting a decent amount of passive score.

Preparing for the next multi-ball or if you are very good at this, stacked multi-balls (unconfirmed i haven’t been able to do this) by hitting shots on the hunting targets while multi-ball is still active there will be less downtime if you lose the multi-balls and have to redo the hunting. (misses on hunting always have the chance to hit the nightmare targets which is always a positive by having that ball saver for a short time)

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