Wintermoor Tactics Club – Just Kitten Around Achievement Guide

A little guide I made to get the “Just Kitten Around” Achievement (spoiler).

How to Get the Just Kitten Around Achievement


Spoiler Alert!!!

A bunch of (bad) puns and jokes on a calendar in the club room, useful for keeping track of the “Just Kitten Around” Achievement. Advanced chapter numbers and names are displayed.

The Jokes

Chapter 1 – Young Monarchists

  • What do you call a cat in a station wagon?
  • A car-pet!

Chapter 2 – Psychic Detective

  • What do you call a pile of Kitten?
  • A Meowntain!

Chapter 3 – Equestrian Club

  • What’s a cat’s favorite color?
  • Purr-ple!

Chapter 4 – New Wave Appreciation Club

  • What would a cat say if you stepped on its tail?
  • Me-OW!

Interlude – Holiday Break

  • What did the cat say when it lost all its money?
  • I’m paw!

Chapter 5 – Animal Identification Club

  • What sport do cats play?
  • Hairball!

Chapter 6 – Student Council

  • What do cats eat for breakfast?
  • Mice Krispies!

Chapter 7 – Clubless Club

  • How did one cat save the soul of the other cat?
  • By defeating the Gatekeeper of Ilemeowzar!


  • How do cats keep order?
  • With claw enforcement!


The Cat Calendar remained on the wall until well after the year was over, mostly because the classroom teacher kept forgetting it was back there.

Created by Klezzon

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