Xenonauts 2 – Base Layout Recommendations

Base Layout Tips

Given the initial base layout and disregarding potential upgrades to the buildings what do you guys consider the best setup?

I’d probably aim for something like this if/when funding allows:

If my math checks out this results in:

  • 35 researchers (5*5+5*2)
  • 44 engineers (6*5+7*2)
  • Max 23 soldiers due to 102 living space (7*10+8*4) and 24+ training (2*12+2)
  • 1 medical center (+ 2.5 hp per day & +25% survival)
  • 1 pre-built radar
  • 1 pre-built storage for 25 base + 100 + 25 adjacency = 150
  • No missile batteries (more aliens = more loot)
  • 4 hangars for 1 dropship and 3 interceptors
  • A combined power supply of 310 (100 base + 3*50+2*30) versus a demand of 300 (75 for research, 90 for engineering, 50 for training, 60 for radar, 25 for medical)
  • 1 empty slot for a potential plot related building


  • Adding 1 generator next to the lift
  • Skipping 1 lab and 1 living quarters in the bottom right
  • Adding 2 radars, 2 medical centers or 1 hangar in the same slots instead


  • 16 soldiers instead of 23
  • 28 researchers instead of 35, reducing research speed from 275% to 240%
  • Additional: +1500 km radar range / +5 hp per day & +50% survival (assuming that stacks) / +1 interceptor

It’s probably too many engineers since you lack the funding to actually build stuff constantly

Unless you have other bases with no production that receive stuff from your main base?

In that case you could build bases with 6 hangars, 6 labs, 5 LQ, 2 radar, 2 MC, 2 TC, 4 gens for 26 soldiers, two sets of fighters and +220% research

If you also skip research you only need 2 LQ for 24 soldiers and get 9 additional slots for hangars/MC

Another variation:

  • Only 4 workshops, 5 LQ, 4 labs (26 researchers/engineers, 18 soldiers)
  • Adding 3 hangars for a second set of interceptors
  • No free slots however
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  1. I think you are going to need to rethink things a bit. The most important activity in the game is without a doubt detection. If you cannot detect the ufos – then you are crippled. This requires that you have 3 detection buildings on your base asap so you maximize the detection radius and coverage. Close behind that is more bases so you spread your detection net around the world. A third goal is to intercept these ufos and shoot them down – which requires hangers and interceptors, Once you shoot them down – you need at least one assault craft so you can gain exp for your soldiers, money to finance your activities and finally access to critical items for research. You cannot fall behind in the research game.

    This is really about when to do things and how much. All of your bases except your starting base will be detection and interception bases. You want the energetic center, 3 detection buildings and x number of hangers for interceptors. That is it. How many hangers depends on how good your are at intercepting ufos and shooting them down. I never go after a ufo with less than 3 interceptors. The is referred to as a squadron in military air force terms. A number of squadrons make up a group. How many squadrons/groups do you need to keep constant coverage? The reason you want to fight by the squadron is that it a) with the correct loadout pretty much assures a victory and b) will split the alien fire amongst 3 targets so 1 aircraft isn’t taking all the damage and can be repaired quickly, Aircraft are not shot down in Xeno 2, but if their health gets to zero forget about using that aircraft for a long long time while it is being repaired. It is costing you $, but can’t be used, which is a colossal fail. The key to winning any war is economic – force the enemy to spend resources that it can’t afford to lose. You can’t afford to have ufo flying uncontested over a income paying territory because they will panic and stop paying you. Worse they may decide to defect to the aliens. If 2 territories do this you lose the game. So this must be prevented as a primary mission objective. The only way to lose the game is to lose paying territories.

    Only build exactly what you need when you need it – plan ahead. Think carefully about the base layout in the main base -it is much easier in the other bases, but the main base is tough because it is partially built up and not in the most favorable manner. Do not build defensive structures at the start of the game – you do not need them. Do you need tanks? Only if you are going to actually use them – and ask yourself – what is more efficient: multiple soldiers or 1 tank? If you are not using tanks, then you do not need a garage. So forth and so on.

    This is the way to think – not the only way – but one way that does work. Follow the $.

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