Xenonauts 2 – Tips and Tricks for New Players

Useful Tips and Tricks

So here a few things that I learn from playing the game for short period of time.

  • Build a second hangar. Radar array. Generator ASAP.
  • Skip advance weaponry and go for lasers
  • My personal squad composition is: 3 machinegunners, 2 snipers. 3 shield & pistol guys and 1 MARS (little tank) with machinegun and accuracy boost system
  • Shields are your scouts – they find targets for your gunners and snipers.
  • Pistol itself feel like a terrible weapon (it kills (nonconsistaly) even weakest of enemies in 3 shots (which is max amount of shots u can do).
  • Shields can tank a few shots (depending on enemy weapon). So shield guys ARE scouts and NOT a combat unit (IMO).
  • Machineguns can be accurate if u fire 3x burst fire and can suppres enemy if fire 10x burst fire.
  • Snipers are just good source of damage, but rarely can kill enemy in single shot.
  • MARS can easily one-shot enemies or destroy cover with missles.
  • Have a smokes on every of your soldier – they act like “portable cover in can”.
  • Demolition charges are good to remove cover so i prefer having them on shields.
  • I like enthusiasm, but space out your stuff, mah dude! Big blocks of text are difficult to read.
  • When making your second base, pay attention to where UFO activity is high and go there first. I just repeated a mistake I made back in X-COM 1 where I expanded to a UK/Africa base when most activity was around the Soviet Union and took a big hit to panic.
  • Stun Batons > Stun Guns. The tiny bit of extra range doesn’t make up for the lower damage, poor accuracy, and 3 round magazine.
  • Remember that demo charges have armor shred on top of clearing obstacles. Grenades in general are great because you can often throw grenades at people that can’t see you.

Note: This is my opinion which can be wrong. I hope people who played game much longer than me can suggest more relyable tactics and advices.

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