Yet Another Zombie Survivors – Character and Skill Info

Written guide that describes skills and character passives.


I started writing down what skills do. Some of the stuff is based on testing. The guide focuses more on the weapons’ and skills’ mechanic rather then on numerical values.



  • 10% increased reload speed



  • Basic weapon


  • Fast fire rate
  • Fast reload speed
  • Bigger magazine than Pistol
  • Damage and magazine size increases with skill level

Assault rifle

  • Better version of Uzi, more damage and bigger magazine size
  • Damage and magazine size increases with skill level

Sniper rifle

  • High damage, slower fire rate than the other weapons
  • Pierces through enemies
  • Damage and magazine size increases with skill level


Grenade trail

  • Throws grenade to nearby enemies
  • Description says throws in opposite direction of the players movement direction
  • Grenade amount increases by 1 per skill level

Helicopter strike

  • A helicopter moves across the map in a line *insta-killing common enemies
  • The helicopter’s initial direction aligns with the player
  • Cool down reduction per skill level

Automatic turret

  • Spawns a turret for 15 seconds, shoots at nearby enemies
  • Additional damage and cool down reduction per skill level
  • Can have multiple turrets if cool down is lower than duration

Additional Info

I only tested Helicopter strike in the default game mode and insta-killed common zombies without a damage number. I could not confirm that the skill damages bosses



  • +300 maximum HP



  • Fires an amount of bullets in a cone
  • Reloads after one shot
  • Increases bullets fired per skill level

Pump action shotgun

  • Similar as shotgun reloads after 2 shots


  • Fast firing gun
  • Large magazine size

Rocket launcher

  • Shoots a rocket that deals explosion damage in an area


Saw blade drone

  • A saw blade rotates around the player damages enemies
  • +1 additional sawblade per skill level up to 5


  • Plants 3 mines at random locations
  • + 1 mine amount and some cool down reduction per skill level

Bombing strike

  • A plane drops down a set amount of bombs that deal explosion damage in an area
  • increased number of bombs, increased area of effect, cool down reduction per skill level



  • 10% skill cool down reduction



  • Fast fire rate
  • *Shot is instant


  • A better version of taser
  • Fast fire rate
  • Chains to nearby enemies


  • Shoots a ball projectile that damages nearby enemies
  • Projectile explodes on impact
  • Hit box for the projectile is small


  • Fires a continuous beam of energy
  • Rapid fire
  • Pierces enemies
  • The beam’s hit box is tiny, so most likely you will do constant damage to the initial target



  • Damages enemies around the player
  • Cool down reduction and increased area per skill level

Electric turret

  • Deploys a turret that periodically damages enemies around itself
  • Turret damages enemies in 1 second intervals
  • Area and cool down reduction per skill level

Energy shield

  • Creates an energy field around the player in an area
  • Enemies who enter the area are damaged once
  • Common zombies stay stunned while in Energy shield’s area
  • Boss enemies are immune to stun except the summoner boss(might be a bug)

Additional Info

It does not shoot projectiles so it can not miss the shot



  • 10% critical hit chance



  • Fires a single arrow
  • Inaccurate when moving


  • Has similar stats as the bow
  • Adds 1 additional projectile per skill level

Explosive arrow

  • Fires 2 arrows that stick into enemies and explod after a short delay
  • Skill level 1 damage seems the same as maximun skill level damage for multishot
  • + fire rate and + 1 projectile per skill level

Freezing arrow

  • Fires 2 arrows that applies slow to enemies in an area
  • Slow lasts approximately 1 second
  • *Slow amount is around 50%
  • + fire rate and + 1 projectile per skill level


Eagle eye

  • +4% critical hit chance per skill level

Arrow rain

  • Shoots arrows that damages enemies in an area
  • + area and cool down reduction per skill level

Zombie decoy

  • Places a decoy that taunt enemies and explodes after a time
  • + area and cool down reduction per skill level

Additional Info

I did not find any numerical value on the slow amount, it just feels like it halves the enemies’ movement speed



  • 10% dodge chance



  • Close range attack
  • Single target

Katana splash

  • Better version of Katana
  • Hits enemies in an arc

Thousand cuts

  • Attacks enemies in an area around the player


  • Shoots a projectile forward



  • Throws 3 shurikens at the enemies
  • Pierces common enemies
  • Does not go through bosses
  • +1 projectile per skill level

Project: Critical

  • Grants 50% critical hit chance for 5 seconds
  • +1 sec duration per skill level

Kunai dance

  • Shoots 10 kunais around the player
  • *Does not pierce
  • +1 projectile and additional damage per skill level

Additional Info

It seems like the kunai does not pierce but I am not 100% sure



  • 100% increased *healing bonus



  • Basic weapon

Antidote gun

  • Shoots a bullet that deals damage over time
  • Deals damage over time every second for 3 second for 100% weapon damage per tick
  • **Enemies killed while affected by the damage over time explode applying the damage and
    damage over time to surrounding enemies

Antidote vial

  • Similar to the Antidote gun but deals damage in an area
  • Leaves a damaging pool on the ground for a few seconds

Freezing vial

  • Throws a projectile that damages and slows enemies in an area
  • Does not do damage over time
  • ***Slow amount around 50%



  • Adds 2 HP/sec regeneration per skill level


  • Grants a buff for 3 seconds that grants 10% life steal chance and 5% life steal amount
  • +1 sec duration per skill level


  • Grant a buff that gives the player 25% more increased fire rate and movement speed for 3 seconds.
  • +1 second duration per skill level
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