Yet Another Zombie Survivors – How to Get It’s Raining Men Achievement Easy

This guide is going to go through how to get the “It’s Raining Men” achievement in the easiest way.

Easy Guide to Raining Men Achievement

Note: Credit goes to JHG

It’s Raining Men

To get this achievement you need to send at least 10 zombies into the air simultaneously, the easiest way to do this is with explosives, specifically the Tank character’s Rocket Launcher.

To start, you want to reset your upgrade tree; having too much damage, reload speed or attack speed will make this achievement next to impossible.

These are the upgrades that I believe will make this achievement the easiest to get, you may be able to do it with less, but the extra upgrades to defence and health regeneration will help with survivability, This will cost you 163 upgrade points.

The general strategy for this is simple, you want to walk in a circle around the centre of the map, this will allow the zombies to group up and form a hoard, try to avoid shooting towards the hoard.

As you walk around in a circle you want to be collecting exp to upgrade your shotgun as you want to get your shotgun to the Rocket Launcher upgrade, do not choose either of the skill upgrades as they will kill the hoard and you’ll have to restart, you do not need to collect the item crate or the 2nd Squad member. It will only take a few minutes to get to here, so don’t worry.

This next part is the most important as it will determine whether you get the achievement or not.

After taking the Rocket Launcher upgrade it will start shooting rockets, you want to avoid shooting towards the hoard with this first set of Rockets if possible, if you can fire away from the hoard it will help.

As soon as the fourth and final rocket is firing, you want to run directly into the centre of the hoard like shown in the screenshot, You will have a few seconds while your rocket launcher reloads for them to surround you. I was able to get this to work on my 2nd attempt so this should be easy for most people.

Final note, there is a chance that you will get another upgrade after you acquire the Rocket Launcher, this is why I opt to have enough training points for a banish, you want to banish it after the first upgrade as you don’t want to increase it’s reload speed. For any further upgrades you can take the money or health.

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