Yume Nikki – How to Save

How to save your game progress in Yume Nikki.

Guide to Save


At the beginning of each game session, we are directly informed:

Here’s what to do:

  1. During the game, while in the dream world, pinch yourself (button 9 on the keyboard at default settings), thereby waking up and entering the real world (Madotsuki’s room). Any effects found that are not placed in the Nexus will remain in the inventory, but cannot be used in reality.
  2. Wake up, sit at your desk. Turn to the desk.
  3. Use the active/action button (space or enter on the keyboard at default settings) and enter the save menu.

Now, after saving, you can continue the game by selecting “Dream Diary”.


Now you can save your game progress in Yume Nikki. Maybe it’s simple. But I hope I could help someone, because game saving was a problem for me.

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