Aliens: Dark Descent – Class Unique Attributes Descriptions

Attributes Descriptions


  • Charismatic: As long as this Marine with this attribute is alive, all Marines in the squad get a 10-point Bravery bonus
  • Reprimand (LVL6): Grands the Reprimand skill: prevents Stress from increasing for the next 30s
  • Encouraging Speach (LVL10): When using the Rest option, the squads Stress is reduced by 150 points instead of 100 points


  • Weapons Training: M56 Smart Gun: Can equip an M56 Smart Gun as a Primary Weapon
  • Bone Breaker (LVL6): Increases the Dismemberment chance of the Marine’s Primary Weapon by 1 point
  • Unleash Hell (LVL10): The higher the Marine’s Stress Step, the higher their firing rate


  • Weapons Training: M42A3 Sniper Rifle: Can equip an M42A3 Sniper Rifle as a Primary Weapon
  • Fast Deployment (LVL 6): As long as a marine with this attribute is alive, the squad movement speed is increased. This bonus does not stack with other bonuses of the same type


  • Hacker: Can hack encrypted doors for 1 tool
  • Sentry Gun Overcharge (LVL6): Grants the sentry gun overcharge interaction option: improves the damage of a sentry gun. Costs 1 tool


  • First Aid Instructor: The duration of the healing interaction is reduced by 50% (This bonuses does not stack with other bonuses of the same type)
  • Medical Assistant (LVL6): When the rest option is used after a shelter has been created, all the marines (except those with the coma and death statuses) recover +1 of their health points (this bonus stacks with other bonuses of the same type)
  • Emergency Surgeon (LVL10): Reduces the duration of healing by 30% (rounded up) for all Marines returning from a mission.

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Short Version:

  • Tecker Lv 10 lets the entire squad hack doors and repair synths for free.
  • Recon Lv 10 increases Enemy Detection Time by 25%.
  • Each class also gets unique upgrades in line with their talent.
  • Gunners have Deploy Gun as Sentry, Increased Accuracy on Focus Fire, and Slower Enemies During Suppressive Fire.
  • Sergeants get +1 Command Point, 10s faster CP regen (requires previous), and +5 Bravery.
  • Medics get Revive from Coma, Squad HP +1, and Stress -30 when Healing
  • Techers get Drone, Drone can Weld and Breach, Drone gets Gun
  • Recons get Silenced Snipe, Map Scanner, and Mark enemies with Flashlight within 10 meters
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