Warhammer 40,000: Rogue Trader – Unfair Difficulty Guide

Tips and Tricks for Unfair Difficulty

Combat Setups

For maximum performance, you have two options here. The Hare vs The Tortoise

Option 1: Assassin Pasqal + Cassia + Jae

This build is for Assassin’s Death Whisper abuse.

Death Whisper is a 0 cost attack with a -75% damage penalty. Since all bonuses and penalties are added together, it isn’t that hard to completely negate the 75% penalty with 75% worth of damage bonuses. You can use it once per turn.

Pasqal has insane bonuses with Plasma weapons thanks to Filtering Protocol, Aiming Protocol, and Overcharge Protocol.

Cassia can give Paqcal 4 extra turns using Bring It Down, Move, Move, Move!, Show the Path, and Finest Hour.

Jae can give Paqcal 3 extra turns using Bring it Down, and Move, Move, Move!, and Finest Hour.

Officers have the talent Seize the Initiative that gives an extra turn at the start of battle.

Grand Strategist Keystone ability allows them to take their turns before anyone else.

This means that you get 2 turns each with Cassia and Jae at the start of every battle, and each of those turns can give Pascal 3-4 turns.

Pasqal can shoot 14 death whisper shots and around 20+ single shots at the start of every fight before any of your enemies take their first turn. GG Instant Knockout in the first round.

Option 2: Yrliet + Idira + Pasqal

This build is for Operative’s Exploit abuse.

Tactical Knowledge gives the entire party 2% Armor per stack of exploit removed and gives the ability user +1 damage. The purpose of having 3 operatives is that you generate many stacks of exploit, and end the first turn with between 50 to 100 stacks of Tactical Knowledge. That is +200% armor for the entire team and +100 damage per hit on your main Operative character.

The advantage of this build is that any playstyle becomes viable. You can melee, you can range, you can psyker. With +200% armor, your entire team is pretty much indestructible. However, it takes a bit longer to finish the fight and you are running 3 int builds.

Option 3: You may have noticed that there is enough overlap that you can actually do both options. But that pretty much means your main has to be a tank.

Building Your Tank

You aren’t going to out DPS Pasqal. You aren’t going to out support Cassia or Jae. They get free origin talents that you don’t get access to. Idira starts with Telepathy and Divination and a free point in Psi Rating.

The only role that you can beat the companions at are as a Tank, but only because Pasqal is busy doing DPS. Abelard and Heinrix don’t actually get any unique tanking bonuses. Pasqal can out-tank, out-dps, and out-heal anyone but he’s too valuable as dps. But the Rogue Trader can get unique tanking bonuses by completing planetary projects.

Now it’s time to choose. Operative Assassin or Warrior Vanguard?

Operative Assassin gets to build tons of Exploit stacks and can also trigger Keep Your Distance by walking up to enemies and knocking them prone without using action points. Offensive Pattern Recognition also grants a ton of damage reduction.

Warrior Vanguard is your traditional melee and temporary wounds build that uses Biomancy and Confer Immunity. Field Medic talent and Chirugeon Medkits gives you 60 Temporary Wounds on top of your Endure and Invigorating Hatred and Unyielding Beacon stacks. Complete your planetary projects for the Watcher from Above sword for the 25% dodge and parry. Get the Autostriking Power Sword from Incendia Chorda and you are done.

Operative Assassin is your top S tier Tank and Warrior Vanguard is your mid B tier Tank that’s fun to play.

Space Combat

You absolutely need to complete your planetary projects to get the escort ship. Space combat is not balanced and you need every advantage you can get.

There are really no build options for space combat. Use the best gear available.

Tactically, you really just abuse warp wave and focused efforts. You keep your distance from the main group and try to engage the enemy one at a time and use Warp Wave to force the second closest enemy to face the wrong direction so he can’t catch up to you.

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