Ghost Watchers – Advanced Items Guide

This item guide is made for Ghost Watchers players by developers to facilitate the learning process.

Advanced Items

Advanced Thermal Imager

Use a thermal imager to determine the type of ghost. Activate the device with LMB. You should see the ghost on the screen and determine its temperature according to the scale at the top of the screen.

Advanced EMF Sensor

Use the sensor to determine the type of ghost. Just walk around with it in your hands and watch what maximum electromagnetic field voltage it shows.

To turn it on, use LMB and do not forget that the device goes into recharging. It is also affected by interference from electrical appliances, so to obtain the true value you need to subtract the background value (lower screen) from the current voltage (upper screen).

Advanced Radio Receiver

Use it to determine the ghost’s mood. Walk with it and when you are near the ghost, he may answer you. Or you can ask the ghost to talk to you by using its voice. The ghost can only talk on one of the frequencies, so you need to switch between them.

Adnanced Ouija Board

Use the board to determine the age of the ghost. Find the name of the deceased at the location using a UV flashlight and select the correct option on the board.

To select names, click LMB while holding the board in your hand. If you make 3 mistakes, the board will break on normal difficulty. Hard difficulty and Insane difficulty have 2 and 1 errors respectively.

Advanced Tablet

Use to determine the type of ghost. Open a special menu on the LMB when holding the device in your hands. Choose what question you want to ask the ghost.

He will respond to one of them with a drawing, erase the others and may attack.

Advanced Voodoo Doll

Use the doll to determine the ghost’s mood. Click on LMB and select where you want to insert the needle. If identified correctly, the voodoo doll will give you evidence, otherwise it will anger the ghost and he will be able to attack you.

There is a clue with a voodoo doll in the locations. Depending on the difficulty, you have 3, 2, or 1 attempt to interact with the doll before the ghost burns it.

Advanced Particle Counter

Use the particle counter to determine the ghost’s age. Walk with it in your hands. When near a ghost, the device can detect the emission of particles and react appropriately.

You need to switch through all particles in a short time and determine the maximum value.

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