Apex Legends – How to Fix Infinite Loading Screen

In this guide Ill show you how to fix your infinite loading screen.

Valid Files

Steam Files

  1. Open Steam
  2. Go to library
  3. Right click on the game, go to properties
  4. Go to local files, and click “Verify integrity of game files”
  5. Wait until it’s finished.
  6. Check your downloads. If you have missing files Apex appears there. Download the missing files

Anti Cheat

  1. Right click on the game in the Steam library
  2. Go to manage, and browse local files
  3. Go to “EasyAntiCheat”
  4. Run “EasyAntiCheat_Setup”
  5. Select Apex Legens, and click “Repair Service”
  6. Wait until it runs, and then close it.

If Still Not Loading

Start options

  1. Go to your Steam library
  2. Right click on the game, and go to properties
  3. Click “Set launch options”
  4. Copy and paste this:

-dev +fps_max unlimited -fullscreen -console

  1. Click “ok” then run the game.
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