Apex Legends – Tips for Winter Express

Some tips for Winter Express and real game.

Winter Express Tips

  • 1. Dropping in spaces with high amounts of people (or the train) is very risky and can lead to a lot of deaths.
  • 2. In winter express, Shotguns are broken and so are automatic weapons, Snipers are garbage.
  • 3. Playing with friends is easier to co-ordinate and can lead to more wins.
  • 4. Drop in empty areas or low risk spots to maximize survival time.
  • 5.Bloodhound and Gibraltar with lifeline are a great combo.
  • 6. Fast heal is active in winter express. So #5 is even better in winter express.
  • 7. Use winter express to try characters you own.
  • 8. Campy characters (like caustic or wattson) are great for the small space of the train.
  • 9. You can stand on the edge of the train and it will hold the objective.
  • 10. Remember, No legend picks are bad. It all depends on play style.
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