ARK: Survival Evolved – Converting Single Player to Dedicated Server Saves

The Guide will Explain how to copy your single player game into a dedicated Server so all your friends can join (version 354.4)

Converting Saves

  1. Locate your ark save files, they are normally saved under: \steamLibrary\Steamapps\Common\ARK\Shooter game\Saved. Back these files up as you will need parts of them to get this to work
  2. Copy all the files from savedarkslocal (Except TheIsland_AntiCorruptionBackup.bak and TheIsland_NewLaunchBackup.bak) to SavedArks
  3. Run ark and start a dedicated server. Once thats finished loading (anything upto 10 mins) then go into your ark\shootergame\binaries\win64\ and run shootergame_BE (this should allow you to run both the dedicated server and ark on one computer) and join your game your server.
  4. you WILL need to make a new character once that is done save the game and close the server
  5. Go back into your saved\Savedarks. There now should be 2 new files xxxxxxxxxx.arkprofile and xxxxxxxxxx.Profilebak (that number is your ID). Move these files out the folder and rename your Localplayer.arkprofile and localplayer.profilebak to the ID number. once that is done your can delete the original arkprofile and profilebak and move the new files to your desktop for safe keeping (You WILL need these files later)
  6. With your NEW .Arkprofile and .profilebak save in a diifferent location you want to now DELETE all the files in the \Savedark\folder (If you dont do this you will have the character that you made to get the ID number)
  7. Copy the files from the backed up \arksaved\ folder into the current \Arksaved\ folder then repeat step 2. Now copy your renamed .arkprofile and .Profilebak into the same folder.

Your folder should look a little like this:

  1. Run ark and start a dedicated server. Once it’s fully loaded (can take upto 10 mins) start the Shootergame_BE then join your game.

With luck you should now see your base(s) and be in your character with no sleeping temp player.

Created by Sirxenon

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