Astral Party – How the Gacha System Is

For Those Wondering How the Gacha System Is

As a F2P gacha player I can safely say that this gacha system is rather fair and easy to get what you want.

How it works and what you are rolling for:

  • Characters
  • Items to increase your affection level with those characters
  • Cosmetics

You can earn gacha tickets through gameplay and novice/weekly quests.

Affection level has no effect on gameplay but lets you unlock a new skin for your characters.

Tip: It seems that the characters prefer certain types of affection items, they get a happy face on the item.

If you are worried about not rolling the character you want don’t worry because there is a “pick a character to get” item that is awarded through the aforementioned quests.

So you can at least guarantee one or two of the ones you really want to be able to get unlocked.

If you are the kind of player who would only play once in a while you might feel the pain more since the matches are a bit long for some.

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  1. This game’s gacha and development is much like another game: Majsoul, which relies on selling character skins and accessories to make a profit….

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