Slime Rancher – Ultimate Tarr Ranching Guide

The guide for the few people who wish to take on a new and dangerous hobby… Tarr Ranching!

Definitive Guide to Tarr Ranching

Note: Credit goes to Mayor Chocolate

The Basics

In this guide you will find everything you need to know to successfully ranch tarr slimes. If any of you are wondering if you somehow never noticed that tarr slimes give plorts, they don’t. There is no financial profit in tarr ranching alone, although I will tell you how to make money while tarr ranching in the Details/Tips section. Here are the 3 basic steps to Tarr Ranching, along with notes to clarify some things

  1. Make a high-walled corral, fill it with 80+ (pink) slimes.

Note: Any kind of slime works, pinks are the easiest, phosphor slimes are tricky because they die in daylight and gold/lucky are just plain impossible.

  1. Get a largo of any type. When you are ready to start, just feed the largo a plort to turn him into a tarr. Place the tarr in the corral and step back. Maybe all the way to your house… It gets crowded.

Note: I usually just use a rock pink largo and feed him a tabby plort, but anything works, even a random tarr you happened to find.

  1. When the majority of slimes are tarrs, sleep till day and exit your house. Behold the purple confetti!

Note: The time you start/go to sleep determines the intensity of confetti. If you go to sleep anywhere past 00:00, provided there are enough tarrs, there will be an explosion of white which will fade to purple, with other colors in between.


The Tarr are formed when a Largo eats a Plort unlike the ones it produces (ex. a Pink Tabby Largo eats a Honey Plort). A terrible transformation occurs that turns the slime into a sludge filled with a swirling, prismatic array of colors and a relentless appetite. The Tarr seek only to consume and replicate. Because of this it can spread rapidly throughout the ranch.

The only way to stop a Tarr (outside of incinerating it or throwing it into The Slime Sea) is with fresh water. One splash will stop a Tarr from spawning new Tarr, and repeated splashes will destroy it entirely. However, one splash of fresh water does not kill the Tarr and it will continue to expand.

Alternatively, many ranchers recommend running away with their arms waving, screaming.


How to make money while Tarr Ranching

All you do is feed your slimes in the day, before you start. Or, if you want a lot of money, you could even have regular slimes in a different area on your ranch.

If you want to use your tarr food -slimes- to make money, its easier to use slimes that don’t eat meat, because chickens are harder to farm.

Largos are advised against for tarr ranching, because it’s easier for them to get out than regular slimes.

Beware: When shooting food into a corral of hungry pink slimes, they will all jump up and quite possibly get out.


Timing is an important aspect in tarr ranching, because if you go to bed too early, there will be no confetti. I wouldn’t start any earlier than 15:00, that allows time for the tarrs to eat up and multiply.

I went to bed at 16:20 and still had good confetti. If you want a real show, start at 24:00 and go to bed from 00:00-05:30. If you wait till 06:00, you wont actually get to sleep and the tarrs will still be there.


Here is where the money comes in handy; if you don’t have water or Pulse Wave, you’re pretty much a goner. Before you start, fill up your water tank, so if any tarrs attack you can just splash them away!

Fancy Ranching

This section is for those who want to spend their money on little, unnecessary, moderately helpful, random upgrades.

Upgrades for Ease

A roof helps keep slimes in for a bit while the tarrs work, and when you feed them. A plort collector is useful if you are feeding your slimes, for obvious reasons. You could even have an auto feeder. All three would make your corral pretty expensive, but very convenient. If you want to have your largo at the ready, but separate from the others, a side corral is handy. Largos can jump low wall very easily, so if you want to be sure they stay in, consider high walls.

Upgrades for Comfort/Health

A water tank is strongly advised. They help to keep tarrs at bay, along with Pulse Wave. Heart modules come in handy if these fail you.

The Most Important Tip

Don’t mix your slimes! If you make Largos, they can’t be in pens with anything other than the slimes they’re made of. For example, a Tabby Pink Largo can only be housed with Tabby slimes, Pink slimes, or other Tabby Pink Largos.

If a Largo slime eats a different plort, it will turn into a Tarr. So, Tabby Pink Largo + Rock plort = Tarr.

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