Rain World – Gourmand Explanatory Guide

Simple movement tips and explaining how the Gourmand works.

Gourmand Explained

Note: Credit goes to Sir McSquizzy


The Gourmand has five main mechanics: Exhaustion, Crafting, crushing things ,Meals, and bringing things out of the infinite void of his stomach.

Exhaustion: The Gourmand will have decreased climbing and walking speed, decreased jumping height, and decreased spear damage after he either throws a spear or runs and jumps too much.

Crafting: Hold any two item in both hands, hold grab and up, and it will transform into something new. (most, but not all items will make something with each other).

Fat Scug: Jumping on any creature from far enough up, you will do damage.

Meals: Hold two different food items in both hands and hold up while eating, this will give you one extra food pip.

Void Stomach: Hold grab and a random small living creature, or a random item, in exchange for a food pip.

Raw Stats

The Gourmand needs to have 7 food pips to hibernate along with 4 extra to store.

He climbs slower, is louder (this means creatures are more likely to hear you, also while crawling), and weighs a lot.

He deals three spear damage, but only deals 0.3 when exhausted.


The Gourmand has really powerful slides and rolls.

Sliding: pressing jump and down when either going left or right causes any slugcat to slide. For Gourmand, this can go really far, deal damage, stun the creature, and knock them back.

Rolling: Pressing down and either left or right when fall from a height greater than your jump, any slugcat can roll. For Gourmand, his goes really far, deals damage, and stuns creatures.

Tips to Gourmand

  • Swimming becomes near useless when exhausted, so take caution to avoid drowning in deeper areas.
  • Throwing a Spear deals 3x the normal damage, which can kill creatures such as Lizards and Monster Kelp in a single hit. However, this immediately exhausts Gourmand, so it is safest to attack single targets or at a distance.
  • Sliding, rolling and slamming into enemies are very effective combat tools, stunning most creatures for a considerable amount of time.
  • Throw-boosting with Spears is considerably stronger as Gourmand.

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