Backrooms: Escape Together – Level 6 (LiDAR) Walkthrough Guide

I’ll walk you through the process of cracking the code behind the LiDAR level in the video game Backrooms: Escape Together in this article.


In the LiDAR level of the game you have to find your own way through completely dark rooms. The LiDAR program will help you do this.

  • Left-click to make pixels appear in a circle within a small radius. You can use the mouse border to increase or decrease the density of the pixels.
  • Right-click to display an entire scan of the rectangle you are looking at. this allows you to make a larger area appear more quickly. however, you can also proceed with less precision.

Note that there is an Entity roaming around. When you unveil him with your LiDAR you die. So using the left-click scan comes with a risk.

The level can be divided into three sections:

  • Phase 1: Press the three buttons.
  • Phase 2: Make your way through the museum.
  • Phase 3: Find the exit in the pitfall maze.

Phase 1: Press the 3 Buttons & Open the Red Door

You will spawn in an empty, dark room. Look for a red line on the floor.

You can follow the red line in two directions. One directions leads to a closed red door. The other way leads to three buttons after the line breaks up into 3 red lines. Follow the lines and press the buttons. You will also hear a beeping sound which gets louder the closer you are to the button.

After you pressed all 3 buttons go back to the red door. The door should now be openend.

Go trough the door and you will be in the second phase of the level. Be careful of the holes in the ground. If you fall, you die.

Phase 2: The Museum

After walking through the red door you will end up in another dark empty room. Now look at the floor and seach for blue lines. As in the phase before you can follow the lines in one of two directions. One leads to a door and the other direction leads to a statue (sculpture) and also new buttons to press!

Follow the lines individually and listen for the beeping noise once again. The statue will only appear after you pressed the button for that certain statue. The button is very close to the statue but the blue lines only leads to to the statue itself and not to the button. So listen for the noise, find the button and press it. After doing that you can reveal the statue.

Everytime the statues represent 1. yourself, 2. the monster from level 0 (bacteria or “wire monster) and the Scratcher from Level 2 (Pipe dreams). It will also appear in a certain color. Now remember the color of each statue and follow the blue lines back to the three doors.

Above each door there will be a portrait representing the creature in the three statues. Each door will be in a different color. Two door colors will not match the color of the actual statue. The right door is the door that matches the color of the correctly corresponding statue. Go through that door and jump down the hole. Note that you will die if you jumped down the wrong hole.

As you can see in the images: Only the statue of the Scratcher in pink color matches with the pink-colored door. The tow other doors do not match the color of their corresponding statue.

Phase 3: Pitfall Maze

In phase 3 your only job is to not fall into the pitfalls and to find a exit. The exit will be a yellow door. The exit will be on the on a wall at the edge of the room. Listen for a sound that kind of represents a splashing sound or like floating water and waves on the ocean. It will indicate that the door is close.

Keep in mind that the entity will be on that phase as well. Be carefull with the use of the left-click tool since it is easy to uncover the entity and die. You can make your way at the walls and find the exit without chosing a path crossing the middle of the maze.

Go through the door and jump down. Congratulations you finished level 6 of Backrooms: Escape Together! The next level will be calm and safe. Be prepared for the one that comes after that tho.

Thanks for reading. I hope it helped you!

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