Iratus: Lord of the Dead – Helpful Tips for Humonarium

Humonarium Tips

The boss tokens you can get in any difficulty level. I would suggest go in Cakewalk, as you don’t really want to spend that much time and effort doing it.

The way the tokens works, as far as I understood it, is that: the enemy you need the token need to be the last enemy killed in the battle. Not sure if normal enemies work like that too, but in a boss fight, it does.

Example: When you’re fighting the four shining guys in the cemetary, you will need to do that battle four times, each time doing the killing blow in a different enemy.

The Most Important Thing:

Some enemies will just appear in Good Always Wins, for example the Elite Ogre. I spent many hours searching for this guy in More Pain, just to find out latter about this difficulty thing. So, yeah, go in GAW and start looking for them!



Dwarf Tunnels

Mercenary Barracks




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