No Rest for the Wicked – How to Start: New Players Tips

Here you can find few useful tips for struggle, upgrades and levelling in the No Rest for the Wicked game.

Tips and Tricks for Newbies

If you struggle with fixing gear, you can make another realm and get to the blacksmith on the second realm but don’t get to the city than the fix cost its free and you can switch realm from anywhere around the map and it won’t change you location when you back this can help alot if you die to boss many times can just switch realm and fix and back to next try.

Something that I found very helpful is for healing I have rune of healing wave usually if you have full focus bar it would use a lot of focus to heal but if you have very small amount of focus it would still heal around the same amount and much faster this can help with food consumption to and can save you when you out of food.

At start of the run till end game I found out that its really good to sale falling ember for some extra money but when you close to end game keep them for crucible.

Try to upgrade the city as much you can as early as you can because each upgrade gives a lot of good useful staff and its pretty easy to farm for wood and copper but keep some copper extra for upgrade your weapon.

Don’t forget to do bounties challenges and claim twitch drops for some extra loot every little thing helps a bit.

  • Level up point distribution priority. Stamina > Health > Equip Load > whatever stat your preferred weapon require.
  • Up to level 10 i was sprinting through the game with starting dual dagers. Without spending any stat on str or dex.
  • Try to stay on light load (green) and never go red.
  • At the beginning after you rescue the smith. Explore as much as possible before the first boss because you have free repairs and dying won’t cost you anything and monster won’t respawn making it easy to explore and collect chests.
  • Don’t sell weapons instead extract their runes, especially at the beginning rune sell more than the weapon.
  • Upgrade your weapon. Starting gear can be upgraded with material you can by for cheap at the vendors.
  • I recommend the first 2 inventory upgrade should go to rings so you can equip more of them, than upgrade your reagent tab.
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