Bewitching Sinners – Ultimate Walkthrough Guide (Endings, Dating and Quests)

This guide covers absolutely every aspect of the game, including getting all endings and completing all quests.

Definitive Walkthrough Guide

How to Enter the Principal’s Office

  • Talk to the girl by the fountain on the right
  • She’ll mention a hairpin
  • Look closely at the fountain to find a sword-shaped hairpin
  • Use this hairpin to unlock the principal’s office door
  • Take the letter on his desk for the “Confession Gone Wrong” quest
  • Touch the globe to unlock the “Diary Quest” later and an extra Arshem scene

How to Catch the Cat

  • Craft some cat food
  • Get the recipe for free by manually doing the “Deliver Quill’s Ink” quest
  • Go to the library’s hidden corner and tell Fia that Quill is involved to get ingredients
  • Head to the shops area and use the cat food on the well

How to Bond with Thane

  • Get the “Find the Culprit” quest from Keppler in the library on May 17th
  • Check the doodle desk in the Rune Graphology classroom
  • Talk to Winston in the sparring field for more info (optional)
  • Do this quest before meeting Meyza a second time
  • After Fia’s biting incident, agree to visit her with Thane
  • Don’t craft the cure potion when the boys discuss curing Thane
  • After Io’s arc, Thane will ask you to bond – say yes

If you cure Thane or reject bonding, he’ll bond with Fia instead and won’t follow you.

Dating Guide



  • Touching, wine, honey, honey pops, bread, mystery novels


  • Talking about his past or his club


  • Has a low threshold for bad dates
  • Can find him at the courtyard or archery field
  • Gifts to you: cake, fire gem after getting necrotized, love fruit at 80+ affection

Date 1 (First week):

  • Order expensive +5 pts, cheap -5 pts
  • “I might like it” +10, “Not answering” +20, “Uncomfortable” -10
  • “Eat it” +5, avoid “I like your hair”

Date 2 (After Thane’s biting):

  • Entering potion classroom, only “no?” loses points

Date 3 (After Date 2 or killing Io):

  • In his room, “Didn’t expect it?” gets you kicked out
  • Hug him to stay for intimacy and another CG

Date 4 (Needs 75 pts):

  • He asks about his father
  • See what she wants if curiosity >=50
  • Step on shoe if kindness <10
  • Thanks = points, else = lose points

Date 5 (Needs 90 pts):

  • He confesses and vows to follow you
  • “Pin him down” or “Let him lead” unlocks CGs

Parting Event:

  • Visit archery field after awakening



  • Prefers talking over gifts
  • Needs to do fake engagement event to continue route
  • Can find him at church or sparring field
  • Gifts you money, except a magic mirror at the end

Date 1 – Watching Kelpies:

  • “I meant stars” -15 pts
  • “Stroke ego” +5 pts
  • “Hug Quill” (need 15 kindness) +10 pts
  • “That’s rough buddy” -10 pts
  • “Talk and reassure” -5 pts
  • “Distract” +15 pts

Date 2 – Fountain Engagement:

  • “I’m not marrying” breaks route if persisted
  • Other choices he likes
  • May kiss Quill or Leynar depending on prior quest

Date 3 (After Io’s arc):

  • Meet his dad, learn witch hatred secret
  • “Praise Quill” +5 pts
  • “Ask for explanation” +5 pts

Date 4 (Needs Date 3):

  • He takes you to Meyza and confesses
  • Accept to continue and solidify bond

Parting Event:

  • Visit Quill after awakening


Best Gifts:

  • Candy (+10 date pts)
  • Blood Pops (+20 pts)
  • Satire Novel (+10 pts)
  • Vita Up (+15 pts)
  • Blood (Regular 25 pts, Siren 35 pts, Unicorn 45 pts)


  • Likes being touched on cheek, hands, arms
  • Stomach/chest touch is random like/dislike

Conversation Topics:

  • Likes talking about the Bloodmoon and Jellyfish

Other Notes:

  • Need 50 pts for +5 pt dates, 70 pts for +10 pt dates
  • Can find him in Upper Gardens, Arena, or Classrooms
  • Gifts potion materials at 20, 50, 70 pts
  • Need to soulbond for him to follow you

Date 1:

  • He’ll ask you out if you give a blood potion Week 1
  • “Play it cool” / “This is great” / “What about you?” = +5 pts each

Date 2 (After killing Meyza):

  • Cafe date
  • “It’s hot” +10 pts, unlocks “Stare back” +5 pts
  • “It’s natural” +5 pts

Date 3:

  • Differs based on if Fia bonds, if you cure him, or you bond
  • Involves looking for soulbond books
  • Telepathy with bonded Thane is high pts boost

Date 4:

  • Join him sulking under lion statue
  • “Punch the woman” and “Check on him” is highest pts
  • “Stay out” = -10 pts

Parting Event:

  • Visit after awakening



  • Sweets, baked goods, touching
  • Has no dislikes

Dating Notes:

  • Always at the fishing port
  • Can date him twice per day after Thane’s first date
  • Gives rare fish gifts – 2 angelfish at 10 pts, 2 octopus at 30 pts (needed for ink quests)

Date 1:

  • Let Thomas the flower out to sea by tackling Lyall on 5/17 instead of tripping
  • Or help Leynar on 5/24, then check fishing port
  • After dance festival, he’ll be datable
  • River date if after Leynar, his date if before (Accept offer +5 pts)

Date 2 (Before Io’s arc):

  • Beach date, he shares his powers if not shown before
  • “Hell no!” +20 pts
  • “Why would I be?” +10 pts
  • “A little” = 0 pts

Date 3:

  • Tends flowers in side garden
  • “Praise me more” and “Lean in” = points
  • Other choices = negative pts
  • Hug/rub back +5 pts
  • “You are, but” is best if 50 honesty

Date 4:

  • Lyall confesses
  • Accept by saying you like him too

Parting Event:

  • Visit fishing port after awakening
  • Can date again if not bonded with anyone

Easy to Miss Events

Ivar Lap CG:

  • Be kind to Lyall (don’t crush flower/trip him)
  • Offer to teach him to dance
  • During jellyfish festival, focus on Fia or Thane, not Lyall
  • On 5/30, Ivar will ask you to dance and sit on his lap

Arshem Topics:

  • 5/15 – Tell Diana “It’s a date” in arena to ask about Drakmar Witch
  • 5/16 – Listen to guys on bench in archery field for his mother topic

Fia Events:

  • 5/15 – Side garden topics if you explored arena/fountain
  • 5/16 – Find her with cat in library alcove
  • 5/18 – Choir event in church
  • 5/19 – Library event with Thane, choose to stay with either
  • 5/24 – If rejected Lyall’s Leynar offer, go to library
  • 5/27 – Thane licking Fia CGs if didn’t confess to Arshem
  • 6/1 – Fia bonds Thane if didn’t stop Winston before Meyza

Lyall Events:

  • 5/17 – Tackle for Ylf letter, trip for 5/23 events
  • 5/23 – Water Thomas for flower spread, say “I did”
  • 5/23 – If tackled, hangout if not hostile
  • 5/24 – Help Pike at docks if not triggered
  • Free fish gifts if progressed his route

Thane Events:

  • 5/15 – Basement door for blood CG
  • 5/16 – Side garden for his cat
  • 5/24 – Fight Winston if did “Culprit” quest
  • 5/25-26 – Arena pair wants to dance, agree for CG
  • 5/27 – Lick Fia CG by not confessing to Arshem
  • 6/7 – Vortex Vamps visit if bonded

Endings Guide

True Ending

  • Get the Diary Quest: Comfort Prim in the bathroom with “Leave this to me” or touch the globe in the principal’s office and follow the steps.
  • Find the Diary Password: Chat with the guy near the benches in the shop map. Password is “Licorice”.
  • Unlock Diary Entries: Wait until meeting Meyza for the first password, “LittleDemon”. Discover OG Palmier’s bond, “bloodmoon”, for the second. Use the witch hunter’s toast password, “Aegna”, for the last entry.
  • Securing the True End: Reading the final diary entry ensures the true ending, regardless of the final fight outcome.

Ivar Ending

  • Skip the Diary Quest. Choose to learn the truth in your dream with Ivar. During his fight with Seth, trust him if given the option.

Seth Ending

  • Skip the Diary Quest. Choose to learn the truth with Ivar. Freeze the lake in Io’s Arc for the Ice Rune. During the final fight, freeze them both with Io’s Ice Rune. Side with Seth, kiss Ivar, and agree with him when prompted.

Io Ending

  • Choose to stay in Io’s dream.

Meyza Ending

  • Choose to seduce Meyza in her fight.

Seth Alternate Ending

  • Bring Loki’s Frost Potion to the final fight. Choose to help Seth during the battle.

Boys Ending in Your World

  • Skip the Diary Quest. Choose to learn the truth with Ivar. Pair up with one of the bachelors, confirmed by their hint in the character info screen saying “they will follow you to your world”.

Quest Guide

Answering Ctulhu!

  • Trigger: Ask the stoner kid in the Rune Graphology classroom.
  • How to Finish: Craft the potion and drink it.

Angels for Arshem!

  • Trigger: Finish meeting Meyza.
  • How to Finish: Get Arshem an Angelfish by the 22nd of May.

Allergy Begone!

  • Trigger: Talk to the couch boys in the dorm, only happens if the upper garden is full of Ivar’s flowers.
  • How to Finish: Craft the Potion.

Blood Needed!

  • Trigger: Find Thane in the basement at 15/5 and tell him you got him a Blood Potion.
  • How to Finish: Craft the Blood Potion before the auto fail on the 17th, recipe in the library alcove.

Boner go away!

  • Trigger: Head to the side garden.
  • How to Finish: Craft Boner-be-gone after knowing the recipe on 16/5 if you choose “And you haven’t because…”.

Bottled Love!

  • Trigger: Finish Cove’s Sweet Sorrows quest then talk to Nina.
  • How to Finish: Make a Love Potion for her.

Cat Pics!

  • Trigger: Enter Merry’s bar on the weekend.
  • How to Finish: Catch every fish and give them to cats near the fountain area of Gomorrah.

Dope Up!

  • Trigger: Talk to the man in the sparring field.
  • How to Finish: Get the Vita Up from Thane if he bit you on 15/5 or craft it. Give directly for extra rewards and info on OG Palmier.

Finding the Culprit!

  • Trigger: Enter the library anytime after 16/5.
  • How to Finish: Head into the Rune Graphology classroom, check the red doodled table. You can also confront Winston in the Sparring Field after checking his desk.

Hang in There!

  • Trigger: Talk to the kids sitting on the bench in the courtyard, only happens if the upper garden is full of Ivar’s flowers.
  • How to Finish: Make 5 candies for Hedwin.

Hedwin Lies!

  • Trigger: Talk to the person on the upper right side of church.
  • How to Finish: Get truth Serum either from Thane or crafting it after getting the recipe from Nina.

Ink for an Inkwell

  • Triggers automatically.
  • How to Finish: Get 2 ink from the shops. Deliver personally for a free cooking recipe.

Ink Replacement 1 and 2

  • Trigger: Talk to the guy on the upper courtyard area.
  • How to Finish: Give him an octopus for the first quest and angelfish for the second.

Keppler’s Seed!

  • Trigger: Head to the side garden after bonding with Thane and Vortec vamps visit.
  • How to Finish: Ask Keppler for an extra seed.

Knowing Yourself!

  • See True Ending section.

Kiss Quill!

  • Trigger: Make sure you have that hairpin. Head to the Blessing and Charms Classroom.
  • How to Finish: Do Quill’s fake engagement event in the fountain.

Let there be Fire!

  • Trigger: Talk to the girl in the center of the courtyard after meeting Meyza.
  • How to Finish: Make her a fire potion.

Missing Cat!

  • Triggers automatically.
  • How to Finish: Give the cat cat food.

Mimicking the Ice Prince!

  • Trigger: Talk to the girl near the fountain, only happens if the upper garden is full of Ivar’s flowers.
  • How to Finish: Buy her an Ice Crystal.

Night Roaming!

  • Trigger: Talk to the boys inside the arena after finishing Meyza’s arc.
  • How to Finish: Craft and give potion.

Need Some Shut Eye!

  • Trigger: Ask the guy on the couch in the dorm.
  • How to Finish: Craft the hot cocoa, recipe is from the cooking scroll.

Papa Prim!

  • Trigger: When consoling Prim, say “Find That Hoe”.
  • How to Finish: Head to the Lounge in Meyza’s event before heading into the Bathroom. Then give the Bloody Kor to Prim’s dad instead of Arshem.

Stag Hunting!

  • Trigger: Enter the cafe in Gomorrah on the weekends when Quill isn’t there.
  • How to Finish: Ask for a strand of hair from Keppler in the library.

Sweet Sorrows!

  • Trigger: Finish Nina’s With Love quest then talk to Cove.
  • How to Finish: Bake a cake and give to Nina.

Wrong Confession!

  • Trigger: Ask the girls talking in the archery field.
  • How to finish: Enter the principal’s office by getting a hairpin.

With Love!

  • Trigger: Head to the Bookstore on the weekend, ask if you can help her anything.
  • How to Finish: Deliver the letter to Cove directly.

Walk of Shame!

  • Trigger: Talk to the man at church after meeting Ivar a second time in your dreams.
  • How to Finish: Talk to Risa in the dorm, craft her the magic handcuffs, then get what he needs.
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