Gray Zone Warfare – How to Fix Blurry Textures

Blurry Textures Fix

Tired of those janky low-poly textures ruining your gaming experience? Same here, buddy! But guess what? I’ve got the fix you’ve been looking for!

Here’s How to Fix:

First off, make sure your in-game settings are set just how you like ’em. ‘Cause if you tweak them later, you’ll need to redo this whole process.

Ready to roll? Head on over to your local appdata folder. You’ll find it at this folder:


Dive into the folders until you find out the GameUserSettings file at:


Right-click on that file and open it with Notepad. Now, find where it says sg.TextureQuality and change it to 4. Then, hit save.

Boom! You’re done. Give it a spin and see if it works for you. And hey, don’t keep it to yourself. Share the love! The more folks know, the smoother the game gets for everyone.


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  1. When editing text files, I use Notepad++. Before making any modifications, make sure the file is not set to “read-only” by looking at its properties. .ini files may have a read-only default. Make the necessary changes, uncheck the box, save, and then check it again. Check to see if that’s helpful.

  2. Anyone who wants an easy copy and paste can just launch Windows search, paste the file, and press enter. The same method can be used for RUN.


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