Abiotic Factor – How to Connect to the Server by IP

How to Find Your Steam ID

Finding that Steam ID is always a hassle. First you gotta open up the Steam app and click on your profile pic. Then it’s that “Account Details” option. Or if you’re on a browser, you log in and go to that account page. Either way, you’re looking for that 17 digit number listed as your ID.

  • I just jotted mine down real quick: 56344578967389622

Doesn’t really matter if it’s mine or someone else’s ID I guess. We’ll need it again later for whatever reason. Maybe some ID verification thing? Who knows with Steam.

How to Find the Desired Server IP

First, I opened the Steam app and went to View > Servers. Made sure to select “Abiotic Factor” from the dropdown menu.

Then I switched over to the Internet tab and started filtering to find a good server. The list was empty at first, so I just clicked the refresh button.

Once some servers populated, I right-clicked on one that looked decent and selected “Show Info.” On the server info window, I could see the IP address line. Just hit that handy “Copy” button next to it.

Got the IP copied over now. Hopefully that’s all we need to connect to the server and get our game on! Let me know if you need me to paste that IP anywhere.

Create the Server Connection Link

Let’s put all the pieces together and create that server connection link:


Okay, let’s put all the pieces together and create that server connection link:


I used the app ID 427410. Then I swapped in my 17 digit Steam Community ID from the first step for <USERID>.

And for <SERVER>, I inserted the IP address and port number I copied from that server info window earlier.

So that full link is telling Steam to open up the game with app ID 427410, using my user ID, and connecting to that specific server IP and port with the -SteamConnectIP command.


How to Connect to the Server

The moment of truth – connecting to the server! Let’s run through these steps carefully:

  • Opened up that full link in my browser. Got the prompt from Steam about opening the link, so I confirmed that.
  • The Steam app fired up since it wasn’t running, along with the game loading. The popup asked about running with those connection parameters, so I let it roll.
  • Well, would you look at that – the game launched but nothing else happened. Should have seen that coming, Gordon! Classic misdirection.
  • Quickly alt-tabbed back to the browser and reopened that same link.
  • Switched right back into the game window and…waiting…waiting…any second now…
  • There we go! The game is connecting to the server! It did pop up a warning about modified ruleset, but I just confirmed to connect anyway.
  • Noted – if I cancel this connection, I’ll have to fully restart the game before reconnecting via browser link again.

Looks like we’re in! Time to get this game session started.

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