Biohazard: Escape Room – Walkthrough

Security Room

  • Enter the room, grab a blank card from a desk, and a fuse from a drawer.
  • Pick up the key above the box and use it.
  • Press the buttons 2 – 5 – 6 – 7.
  • Use the card on the first door in the hallway.
  • If you want to skip go to the color lock and enter: Purple, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Red
  • Go to the color locker: Red 7, green 9, blue 5, yellow 0.

The circle puzzle in PC:

  • Enter 4815 on the PC.
  • Enter 1623 in the main locker.
  • Go to color lock and enter Purple, blue, red, green, yellow, red.


  • Take the key, exit through the door, and enter the next one.
  • Go down the stairs and enter the left door.
  • Enter the code on the tablet: 926537.

Solve the computer puzzles:

  • Enter 42 20 19 in the door code.

Generation Room

  • Exit through the door.
  • Enter the next available door on the left, grab a fuse from a table.
  • Solve the computer puzzle.
  • Enter 1834 in the padlock.

Solve the puzzle on the right:

Solve the left puzzle:


Solve the middle puzzle. Touch the center tile 2 times:

Mice Room

  • Enter the new room and go to the blue table, press: 11332.
  • Take the incubator.
  • Get the colors of the samples from the drawer.
  • Press 80 on the scale next to the mice, then take the mouse.

Solve the centrifuge puzzle:

Solve the microscope puzzle:

Solve the computer puzzle:

Pig Room

  • Take the key from the dead man.
  • Open the door near him.
  • Go to the briefcase and use 694 and 964 on each code.
  • Take the sample.
  • Go to the computer and enter this code 238965310
  • Enter this color code in a white container: green, yellow, blue, green, red.
  • Take the next sample.

Go to the center briefcase and solve both puzzles:

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