Black Mesa – Xbox Controller Guide

Black Mesa Xbox One Controller Guide

A comprehensive guide to help you set up Black Mesa for the Xbox One controller.

Modifying the configuration file:

Press `Windows + R` to open the Run Dialog Box. In the dialog box, go to the Black Mesa installation directory by typing the following:

%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\Steam\steamapps\common\Black Mesa

REM If your installation of Black Mesa is not on the C:\ drive, then you must prefix with your partition and use SteamLibrary instead.
REM Example: E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Black Mesa

Once you type the above into the dialog box, press enter to open an explorer window to that location.

Editing the configuration for your controller:

  1. Open the ‘cfg’ folder located in the ‘bms’ folder of Black Mesa’s installation directory.
  2. Navigate the ‘cfg’ folder until you find ‘config.cfg’
  3. Open the ‘config.cfg’ file in a text editor of your preference.
  4. Copy the text from the box below.
  5. Go to the line that says unbind all, press enter after the text on that line, and paste the text that you copied.
joy_name "Xbox One Controller"
joy_advaxisx "3"
joy_advaxisy "1"
joy_advaxisr "2"
joy_advaxisu "4"
joy_forwardsensitivity "-1.0"
joy_sidesensitivity "+1.0"
joy_pitchsensitivity "2"
joy_yawsensitivity "-3"
joyresponsemove "5"
joyresponselook "1"
joy_lowend "0.875"
joy_lowmap "0.125"
joy_accelscale "1.125"
joy_autoaimdampenrange "0.875"
joy_autoaimdampen "0.5"
joyxcontrollercfg_loaded "2"
joystick "1"

After you’ve completed those steps, the configuration file you just edited should contain lines that look like this:

Ensuring that the configuration works:

Make sure you go to your Black Mesa installation’s properties tab in the Steam library to add the command line argument.

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